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F4 concert in Budokan at Oct.8th

Today's concert is the last for me. Becuz I can not do it though Osaka wants to participate, I support F4 from here. Keep it up y'all.

Thanks for concerts in Japan!  I thought that I could never feel them if there is not Japan concert. I'm very glaaaaaad that I listened to A-cappella of VanNess today, too!!  Thanks, VanNess!!!

BTW, I don't understand Chinese.

Therefore I wants their conversation to subtitiles(in English or Japanese) with screen if I ordered from them.When they talk in Chinese, I can not but understand them with a sense. cuz VanNess talks in English, I can understand it.I may have been more satisfied if I know by conversation understanding.

But today had best seat three times while I went.  "I am good entirely if good for an end". Though there are such words; it was true. Yeah~haha...

Then,I hope to Ken's shoulder be repaired early. And then, I wish their fatigue is restored little by little until the Osaka concert.

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I hope that the staff of F4 reads this blog~! 私は英語も(><)なので、ニュアンスとハート(笑)で感じるしかないなぁ.....(笑)
almost 12 years ago
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おっつかれさまでしたぁ~!! なんか家に帰ってからも興奮して眠れませんでした。 いやぁ、声も出ない状態で、私も休養が必要です。
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To cocoaさん 大阪まではまだ日にちがあるから改善されてると良いけど・・・。そこまでは気付かないかな?そう、最後はハートですよ(笑)
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To saoriさん お疲れ様でした^_^私も興奮で眠れずblog更新しながら醒ましてました。マジ素晴らしかった感激っす♪筋肉痛は治ったけど喉が!叫び過ぎたようです(^_^;)
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はあ、今日は体が重い。眠い。結局昨夜もメッセの返事とか書いてたら遅くなって(笑) さて、お花の注文かけないとね。ほんとハロウィンのアイディアナイスでした!グウ~
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To luluさん お花の件、よろしゅうに~☆”(笑)
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almost 12 years ago
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To Ameyさん どこかですれ違ったかもしれませんね(笑)
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