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F4 concert in Budokan at Oct.7th

There is an accident in today's concert. Machine parts break down and repair it. Therefore Vic sang two times of same songs and danced. Applause, Vic!

Budokan seat is the slope that is very steep though it is stairs-style. The slant that is fearful for the feeling that seems to fall below.  My seat was a feeling to look down at them behind the second floor. But I participated in all standing today. cuz today's concert was awesome!

This time, I was able to look at not only the back of VanNess but also the front by the naked eye.And a-cappella that VanNess sang was the best!

Thank you for showing us a different program little by little every time. I'm very interesting. What king of feeling is the tomorrow's concert?

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he.. so lucky that u can c vic performance twice. double happy right? haa especially with vanness in front of u. feel so happy for u too :))
almost 12 years ago
Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
To JackyChow Yeeess, I got lucky! thanx, Jacky~ '-) I feel soooooo happy every time♪
almost 12 years ago
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are you going to all the concerts? osaka too?
almost 12 years ago
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To Etchy No way! It is the end in Tokyo. I don't go to Osaka.
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