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Baby pink arch

At last my neighboring cherry tree bloomed at a stretch. But the cleaning of the time when a flower is scattered is very hard. When it rains, a petal adheres on a road and is hard to take in particular.


Traffic jams by having flowered increase now.The person who happened to pass by car takes a picture here. And there is the person enjoying lunch here.

Though the cherry tree gathered up is beautiful, the simple is pretty, too.

今年もキレイに咲いてくれた桜、ありがとう。全体的に見ても単体で見ても桜ってカワイイ あとの掃除さえなけりゃ・・・もっとカワイイんだけどなぁ~ハハハ。

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Photo 85939
nature is wakeup ! >;-) like "new born" !
over 11 years ago
Photo 54683
桜はキレイなんですが、散った花びらのお掃除が....考える事は皆同じですよねぇ(笑) あと、葉っぱになった頃の毛虫が怖い.....>< そう思っても、毎年、桜の花に癒されてしまうんですよねぇ~♪
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Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
To medo. Nature is splendid ! :D To cocoa-san やっぱり?(笑)そうなんですよ、自然の原理だから仕方ないけど花びら終われば毛虫到来・・・(×0×;) 桜には癒されてるけど、なるべく毛虫に出会わないように遠回りして家に帰ってます(汗)
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great pics!
over 11 years ago
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thanks, Etchy~*^▽^*
over 11 years ago


Hi, welcome to my page~Thanks for stopping by.(^▽^)ノ。.・* Have a good day !

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