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3 months from a born fracture.

My doctor said that it was favorable to see X-rays. But with my right hand having a long distance to my shoulder. My finger looks short. As for me, an elbow came to be changed 125 degrees.The range that is possible by the right hand now.1: I can hit a keybord.2: A contact lens is put.3: A head touches it only a little.Daily life that is incovenient through I progress from 3 months ago when these were never made.Even if buy water with a vennding machine, to open the cap the plastic bottle; turn; cannot work. If there is not a support of somebody, I cannot drink the water .My left hand covering the right hand progresses. So I think that the right brain suddenly develops.

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Hope you're getting better soon! But just be patient! yukkuri yukkuri ne~~~!! =)
almost 7 years ago
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>koko san Thank you very much!( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・'°☆ 今日から筋力トレーニングも加わった。頑張らないと!(^-^)
almost 7 years ago
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う~ん なかなか先が長そうで大変ですね。一日もはやい 開腹 あ 回復をお祈りしておりまする。
almost 7 years ago
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>jasmineTさん そうんなんです(T0T)アスリートで半年、一般人で一年完治にかかる様子。どうも有難うございまするヽ(´▽`)/
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Hi, welcome to my page~Thanks for stopping by.(^▽^)ノ。.・* Have a good day !

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