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I was surprised that this page turned into a new design and style. This page is updated and cannot yet understand how to use. When is it that I become able to understand? It seems to take time until I am used to this.  数日接続できない日が続き久しぶりに接続したらサイトが新しくなっていた。?疑問が多いが試しに更新してみる

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The one year progress of the effort.

The condition of my elbow which painkiller medicine cannot part with in the rainy season. It is very difficult to write a character with the left hand even if one year passes! But I became able to cope with the left hand other than writing a character. The right elbow does not yet recover completely. I still visit a hospital for treatment in a hospital.Limit domain of my elbow; 1: There is the limit of the range to be able to move the right elbow to.2: Convulsions (involuntary movement) of the right arms seem to remain.So...Read more

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A fight with time and oneself. I must win!

The MRI test result is good. I am not operated on. I used the elbow very much and have given damage. Furthermore, fatigue and stress deteriorated my elbow. A doctor said to me. Because you quitted work, you will recover. I felt relieved a little. But attention is still necessary. . Because the ligament of the elbow was just connected thinly. The complete cure seems to take a period still more. It is full this year. I do my best slowly!Then there was an offer of the work from the other companies when I quitted work. ...Read more

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doctor's order to stop (>_<)

My elbow stopped all movement during work. Because convulsions occurred. I received doctor's order to stop afterwards. I will receive an examination of MRI next week to find a cause. If a cause is the problem of the ulnar nerve, I am operated on. It becomes the temporary problem if different. I hope for general anesthesia if I receive this operation. Because memory remains clearly, I dislike the local anesthesia. I wanna avoid it throughout the life if I finish it without being operated on!

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happy new year 2014~

My elbow goes to the hospital this year too. The convulsions number of times decreased than before. But the shaking is seismic intensity 5. The doctor said to me that work influenced it..... I work now in three days a week. But the work increased more than before bone fracture. This will be the cause. Therefore I am going to talk about whether I can reduce work with the head office. There are preparations to quit if I cannot reduce work. Because oneself is important!!![](/attachments/2014/...<a href=Read more

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3 months from a born fracture.

My doctor said that it was favorable to see X-rays. But with my right hand having a long distance to my shoulder. My finger looks short. As for me, an elbow came to be changed 125 degrees.The range that is possible by the right hand now.1: I can hit a keybord.2: A contact lens is put.3: A head touches it only a little.Daily life that is incovenient through I progress from 3 months ago when these were never made.Even if buy water with a vennding machine, to open the cap the plastic bottle; turn; cannot work. If there is not a su...Read more

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The end is after next year?!

I underwent rehabilitation from the day when I took off a plaster cast and started. I go to the hospital without losing in the rain for five days a week.I underwent rehabilitation and started, and at last a finger came to move 3 weeks after. Because an effort is necessary, and swelling and a pain do not disappear still more, the effort is hard.  It seems to be after next year that I completely work and can return.Because I am not usable immediately even if I take it off, a plaster cast ...Read more

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The first bone fracture.(>_<)..

A week before last on a rainy day, I slipped. I broke two bones. My right elbow is avulsion fracture. An elbow was dislocated and was damaged with all muscle tears such as ligaments.When I cured a dislocated elbow, it was an acute pain. The patience could not win an acute pain, and the tears such as many waterfalls overflowed.I cool an elbow every day. However, my right fingers, arm are still swelling up. A plaster cast is heavy... Read more

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I found it recently!

My foot came acrosswellrox (http://www.wellrox.com/) and was rescued. It is very comfortable!

I admired this comfort and bought othe...Read more

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Happy New Year 2013!



May the Year 2013 be an extra nice one to you!




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Hi, welcome to my page~Thanks for stopping by.(^▽^)ノ。.・* Have a good day !

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