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    Monday, Apr 11, 2011 9:55AM / Members only


    Are You calling me?
    I can not tell
    The answer that might set me free
    Cause I feel like I am in a shell
    Am I listening hard enough?
    Because it seems so tough

    Nothing but scattered roaming thoughts
    The things that I have sought
    Are not in full light
    Or were they already in sight?
    And I refused to just recognize
    My only compromise?

    The decision I must make
    Is only for me to take
    Will it be the right one?
    Or will it be something I want undone?

    I believe I made my judgement long ago
    And I just did not know
    Now I know what to do
    That is to follow You


    Here you are, roaming my thoughts
    Knowing you are not here, has left me incessantly wrought
    Leaving behind a never ending longing
    Time just seems to be falling

    I am here
    And in tears
    You are there
    How do we bear?

    Past times flood back into memory
    They seem to flow in a perfect scenary
    First, anger; then, sorrow; finally, happiness
    Then the cycle starts all over again
    But joy is one that will forevermore remain

    Now I know
    It is because you love me so
    I love you all the same
    And it is never in vain
    All is unconditional

    "Faith, Hope, and Love remained. And the greatest of these is Love."

    -One of my Everything-

    I feel this strong warming aura emanating from you

    No matter what kind of essence;
    The mere beloved being, thought, memories

    Smiles, laughter, serenity, happiness...are those I hold dear to me true from you..

    You are like the star that glows from afar,
    the shining moon that looms,
    the light giving sight

    What you have is special
    What you have is indescribable
    You are one of a kind
    You are part of my anchor to life

    One of my everything


    They streak down my face because of you my dear friend

    You have done nothing wrong
    Yet I feel this way

    Saddened, torn, untrue, alone
    Why should I feel alone, I know deep in my heart you will always be there...right?
    Well that's where I want you to be
    But I feel like you will leave me one day

    So many questions left unanswered....questions you cannot answer for me

    I wish you were able to
    Maybe it's for the best you need not know this
    There would be no point
    What can you do about it?
    It's a burden I need to face on my own...no matter how much it hurts
    No matter how many tears streak down my face..


    These unspoken words
    When will it leave my lips?
    Today? Tomorrow? Never?

    Shall I confess?
    Get it off my chest?
    Been on the brink
    Think I'm gonna sink

    Going back and forth
    Not getting anywhere
    Even then, if I speak, where will that lead?

    I've been holding back
    Won't be long til I crack
    I've tried my hardest to keep it at bay
    Don't have to anymore when I have my say


    A vast sea of glimmering blue oceans
    Never ending intertwining tides
    Bound in one motion,
    Inept to tear away from its side

    The ever radiant moon
    Fading in and out
    Trying to shroud itself by evermore shadowing clouds
    Phasing incessantly naturally
    In the end, only falling into the hands of vulnerability
    And found to be once again enveloped in darkness's obscurity

    Like ocean with tide and
    Moon with darkness,
    Can't help but be attached


    Why do you insist on going your way?
    That path you take
    Can you not just stay?
    Stay here, where you truly belong
    For all our sakes

    Do you not realize it is shattering who you are?
    I believe you can become so much more
    Just stop wherever you may be,
    Come back..and continue your life here.. Where you once were before..

    Can you not feel, no, see the immeasurable pain in the eyes of those you hold dear?
    They are calling out to you
    Begging for you
    Wanting you, wishing to hold on to you
    How can you walk away and not try to turn around?
    I wish for you to return home one day, your home...

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    haha long time
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    You visited my page
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    Nice to meet you!
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    are you back from ur cruise?
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    jeez i dont remember :P
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    yeah put up some weird final fantasy shtuff. how about some naruto stuff. u gotta get me caught up on naruto i havent read it since i was like 14
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    cuz when people see this page with no picture theyre gonna think ur some old guy. so put up a picture x]
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    put up a pic u creeper :P


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