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I am still alive

Hi friends in the AnD community,

Haven't been blogging lately. Nothing much to blog about. I m just trying to relax and rest more since I am more free recently after work. But at work it's been really busy and I was kinda bothered by some new contractors who just started working. =( I was pretty free before these guys started working.  But I feel like one of the guys always look at my computer screens on what I am working on.  That's why i don't really go on AnD during work to chat with people anymore cause he guy is ...Read more

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wat do u think?

Do you guys think this bag is cute?

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My long weekend

It was a relaxing weekend for me. Friday nite we got off work a bit early so we went to PF chang for a drink and the girls (3 girls in the company including me) ended up drinking the whole bottle of dessert wine. It was good! We had that with Cheesecake and Banana spring rolls. We were planning just to have some drinks and dessert (that's before dinner) but we were there so long that we ended up ordering more real food.  After we ate we chatted more then I went home.

Saturday I was pretty much out all day. I was only planning to g...Read more

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Have a good long weekend!

Any plans for the long weekend? 

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a little something for the US alivenotdead members

Hey guys in the US.

Here's a friend and family coupon for H&M if you are interested: (see below for detail)

H&M is extending a 25% discount to everyone!


Friday May 25th - Monday May 28th, at EVERY H&M in the USA!


SAVE 25% on ALL* your purchases. You MUST register ONLINE in advance to receive this special discount offer:




...Read more
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Feeling Lazy

I was feeling lazy yesterday so i didn't work on what I was supposed to work on.  Instead I played my DS pretty much the whole day.  I know it's bad but it's just so addicting that I don't wanna stop playing. Gosh.. I think i spent more than 12 hours on Animal Crossing yesterday. I better stop that and get back to work!

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LA~ i m coming

I will be going to LA for my cousin's graduation at USC. Any recommendation of restaurant to go? which dim sum place is good?

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Hey guys! I just want to promote a site that I have been working on:


We are currently working on 2.0 version of the website and hopefully it will launch soon.

I know the site is not as fancy as alivenotdead, but I greatly appreciate if you can just drop by and check out the site when you have time.

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Yeah! I got a close-up shot of Daniel at the SF international film festival during the Heavenly King screening.

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