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  • Under construction

    Sunday, Mar 27, 2011 4:34AM / Members only

    Just a quick one guys. I’m thinking of giving my website a new look. Have been looking through and doing some serious browsing over the web. Narrowed it down to a few themes which i really do like. All i can say is stay tuned for a fresh new, and hip looking site in a month or so! I’m excited!

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  • Great vs Normal

    Thursday, Mar 3, 2011 1:45AM / Members only

    How many of us would love to feel special and unique? How many of us would love to stand out and be recognized for something that we’ve contributed or done? How many of us would love to go to bed feeling that we’ve been acknowledged properly for our efforts and made a lasting impression on people?

    The honest truth. Everyone of us. It is a deep human need to want to be different, special or unique. By achieving this, we are acknowledged and recognized. It thus makes us feel good to have contributed and made an impact and lasting impression on others around us.

    Is it possible to achieve this state of being unique and special? Of course it is! The answer lies in being great.

    Being great refers to having complete mastery over a certain skill you attempt to learn. Take the corporate world for example. Companies in this day and age spend a lot of money developing and training their executives through various leadership training courses, executive coaching programs, time management workshops and the list goes on.

    All in an effort to assist their key players to become masters at a certain skill.

    Owning the skill and having complete mastery over it makes you unique. It transforms you into a specialist. Specialists are highly sought after due to the fact that they guarantee results and they instill a sense of certainty because they are the best at what they do. Compared to someone who is a jack of all trades, this person only skims past on the surface of matters. A specialist on the other hand goes right to the root of the problem and efficiently arrives at a solution.

    Ever heard of the the purple cow? Being a purple cow in field of black and white cows certainly gets you noticed! With so many new technologies, methodologies and systems coming up how can you differentiate yourself from them? Standing out will get you noticed and it will most certainly boost sales and profitability. It is not about re inventing the wheel, but more of using what works synthesizing them together and throwing out the nonsense.

    Leave a lasting impression

    Be willing to take calculated risks. Just talking about something and over analyzing it is not going to help. The truth of the matter is that action has to be taken. Taking action leads to experience and experience gives a much needed boost to the learning and mastery of a certain skill.

    Being great versus being normal. Which will you choose?

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  • Deceptively easy and simple personal development tip

    Thursday, Mar 3, 2011 1:42AM / Members only

    There are a whole variety of personal development courses out there to choose from. Each one specializing in a different area. Some specialize in leadership training, others teach you how to boost confidence in your daily lives whilst some train you to be millionaires. The gist of it all is, they aim to improve your lives.

    I know that signing up for these courses and workshops can be quite tricky. We’ve got to deal with our egos, our self esteem, be willing to share our problems with people we hardly know and most importantly fork out huge sums of money to spend a weekend with someone in hopes that we will get dramatic results overnight. Imagine the amount of thought, research, emails, phone calls we have to make just before we embark on a journey that will lead us to happiness and fulfillment in life. It is actually pretty tiring and not to mention time consuming as well.

    What if I introduced you, to a deceptively simple method that you could use today after reading this article? I personally guarantee that this method will give you a greater sense of clarity and it will make your goals and dreams much more realistic and achievable.

    Would you be willing to try it out? If yes, then whip out and pen and a notepad and get ready!

    If you have been paying attention you would have noticed that the pen and notepad is underlined and in bold. These two items are taken for granted way too many times. Who would have thought that a simple pen and notepad could be responsible for changing our lives for the better!

    All right, here’s what you do with your pen and notepad.

    1. First off divide your notepad into two halves, either vertically or horizontally.
    2. On one of the halves write your goal/dreams/ambition. On the second half write a list of obstacles that are in your way.
    3. At the bottom of the page where you wrote your goal, draw an image of how things would be like once you’ve accomplished your goal.
    4. Now, take sometime to really feel your vision. Feel the sense of achievement and accomplishment.
    5. Finally start to think of what you can do to get to this ideal picture you’ve just drawn.

      Simple tools for greatness!

    Using these 5 simple steps enables you to see clearly what is going on in your life. Many times we think about these things too much and that’s all we do! We just think. That is the reason why we feel pressured, stressed, worn out and uninspired. The brain can only absorb so much, and it does not like to work hard. By storing all of your doubts, fears, and problems in it you begin to overwork it.

    Pen it down. Everything that is in your head. Write them all down in a notepad or diary. This takes a load off the brain and makes your thinking clearer. After going through this method for a few weeks, you will begin to notice the subtle changes in yourself and your habits. Monitor yourself and chart down your progress.

    Your goals. Now a reality

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  • Intentions

    Sunday, Feb 27, 2011 3:35PM / Members only

    Results, agendas,cause and effect. They all mean the same thing. To summarize, they are known as intentions. Intentions are very powerful. They can make dreams come true or even shatter lives.

    Where do intentions come from?

    Intentions are thoughts. These thoughts are connected to your feelings. In order for thoughts to be formed, energy and time is used. We spend time fueling our current thoughts with energy. The more you think of something, the more energy is used.

    Human beings are emotional creatures. Emotions dictate certain choices we make or do not make. These emotions, make our thoughts reality.

    For example:

    Have you noticed how sometimes when you are trying to mask your true intentions from someone and put up a false front instead, you get a very negative response.

    Negative Intentions = Negative response

    Let’s look at this scenario. Imagine you tell someone that you are going to meet them at 430pm sharp but end up arriving at 530pm. Your reason is because you overslept. Instead of telling them the truth you decide to come up with a white lie of sorts and blame the traffic or cook up some fabulous story of how your lateness is justified. Before you even begin your explanation the person on the receiving end already has moved away from you and starting to build up a negative reponse.

    However, if your intentions were true, honest and genuine the response becomes very positive.

    Intentions are always reflected back to us. So how do we use them effectively?

    The world thrives on negativity. You see it everywhere, especially in the media. That is why positivity is a rare commodity these days. Instead of jumping onto the bandwagon of negativity, why not direct your intentions towards positivity.

    Here’s how you do it.

    1) Check in on how you are feeling when an intention is formed.

    2) Acknowledge the feeling.

    3) Take some time and look at it from a different perspective. Think of it as looking in as an outsider.

    4) Find the positive directions you can take.

    5) Place your intentions down that newly found positive direction.

    Practice these five simple steps daily, and you’ll begin to see how differently the world reacts around you. True happiness and satisfaction takes a lot of work to accomplish. However, as with everything else in life the key lies in the first few steps. You have now been equipped with an essential first step, practice it and make it a habit. Soon enough, you will experience happiness and satisfaction in your own unique way.

    Happiness, freedom and satisfaction

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  • Choices

    Sunday, Feb 27, 2011 3:32PM / Members only

    What exactly are choices and what do they mean to you? Everyone is entitled to a choice. Most importantly no one can take that entitlement away from you. This is your natural birth right. Something that, stays with you all throughout your life.

    Choices in life

    With choices comes repercussions. Certain choices lead to certain repercussions and results. Question here is can you handle the repercussions and results of the choices you make? Do you know the kind of results you will get after making those choices?

    So let us recap. Here are the main points.

    1) Choices are our natural right.

    2) They stay with us for life.

    3) Certain results and repercussions occur when we make them.

    Now that we know what are choices and how they impact us can we use them to improve our performance and results in life? The answer is an astounding YES!

    The very first step to take, is to understand that no one can manipulate and change the choice that you make. No one can judge you. By doing so, they are altering your own perception and modeling what they think you should be instead of who you really want to be. Can you really deal with that in life?

    I’m very sure you have a vision and a goal in life. This vision and goal is yours. Not anyone else’s. Focus on it and make a strong choice towards it.

    When you make a choice consider:

    1) Does it work align itself with my ultimate goal/vision.

    2) How can this choice propel me towards my goal/vision.

    3) How am I feeling presently about the choice I’m about to make.

    4) What kind of results would happen due to the choice i’m about to make.

    5) Am I prepared to face the results.

    Use these five main pointers to assist in making a choice that you feel good about. If you find yourself being too emotional over making the choice, look at your vision and goal. See how that makes you feel. Take a step back and then look at these five pointers.

    By doing so, you are already starting your journey towards improving your performance in life and experiencing true satisfaction in life.

    Success and satisfaction in life

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