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So Who's Actually Visiting Me????

I have been wondering this since the beginning when I first signed up to this site.  I will get more visitors on my count that don't show up on the actual list.  I recognize that people are probably not signed into AnD when they look, thereby making my count go up, but the odd thing is... I haven't actually contributed anything for months... Who is still visiting me and why aren't you signed in? Do you miss me that much?  Awwww... I feel loved.  Maybe I SHOULD post more stuff.  Hmm... I have the time to do it...Read more

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Compliments, Gratitude, and Apologies

Just recently I was given a compliment by someone who has become a good friend. When watching a particular character in a show, she said she was reminded of me.  Being who I am I was a little flattered and tickled that someone should think of me like that, but I was also uncomfortable.  After a long, rough childhood of being a target of not so pretty compliments, most of which I allowed to fester and poison me, I immediately began to refuse the friendly gesture. After a couple of interchanges with her, she let it drop, b...Read more

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Starting over... again

Ok... so it's my birthday, and I've decided to try working on my blog... again...  This past week I've found myself getting more involved with other people's blogs online, and have enjoyed commenting back and forth on them.  Everyone seems to be able to come up with some interesting ideas on what to blog about, so hopefully I can follow suit. To tell the truth, I actually found myself thinking through some stuff and realizing that it would be something I could put on my blog, but dopey me forgot to write it down since I...Read more

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Found this through Twitter

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfBlUQguvywThought this video was well done and the group could become one of my faves very quickly! 

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I'm getting a little frustrated with this site.  Maybe it's the site, but more likely it's my peabrain not allowing me to figure out how to get my pictures on it from my computer.  I know I did it before, but somehow it's eluding me.  (I know that's a word.. but I'm so foggy and froggy right now I can't figure out if I spelled it right..... and the spellcheck is futzing out, too.  Can't win... just can't win..)

Anyhow, my week has been with its highs and lows as per usual.  As many of you know, my 38 year ...Read more

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Just wondered if....

....anyone else noticed there was a number missing on the recent Hundred Truths list that they filled out?  I have been waiting for someone to mention it, but no one has. 

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Pentecost Sunday

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For those of you who did pray for my son, (and me), thank you.  He did manage to ride 5 miles despite the heat, and I'm SOOO proud of him for doing so. He said he splashed through mud puddles to try to keep cool (and of course, being a boy that IS the cool thing to do) and his bike came back a filthy mess.  I am just glad he had fun.  Thanks again all! 

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