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Straight Blast - Teaser 01

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txHGbA9Yq0k the first teaser for my 90min flick .. hope you have some fun with it:


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Journey To Omega 4

hello again ..

.. just finished a new video clip. It s more a funproject. I got some macro lens and a camera which is able to shot in slow motion, the result is what you see in the video:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTLhTPY33_Q

music was done by my good friend Martin Hanff.

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Straight Blast - The Movie

I finally made it to make a homepage for my first 90min flick. If you got too much time you may take a look:




its still a long way to go :).


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VirusArts infecting the world ;)

hey there .. as I havent wrote here for quite a long time I dont really know how to start, but let me think about it another couple of weeks ;).

The reason why I am writing this blog is, because my good friend Ete uploaded a new version of his homepage: http://www.virusarts.com !!

Check it out, he is some awesome artist and has been my partner in crime for the last 10 years (you can see him in the haze test I postet months ago).

Take care everybod...Read more

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I am still very busy with my work on the german tv show "Lasko", but I finally got some days off and I used the time to test my "fog machine".

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDAGfumfi3E The results are better then I expected, so most likely most of my new movies will have way too much haze ;).

About 4 weeks ago I had the chance to visite the set of the new Isaac Florentine movie "NINJA". I dedicated a ...Read more

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Teaser for "10min project"

hey there,

for the last few weeks I ve been very busy working as making of cameraman and various other jobs including stuntman for some martial arts related scenes on this german tv show called "LASKO" .

Finally I got some days off and used the time to edit some small teaser for my "10min project".

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymZkSykkd-g

What is the "10min project" ? Some time ...Read more

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On The Run

Sorry that I didn't make it to make updates for such a long time. Life is quite crazy right now.

For the last two months I ve been working for a big new german tv show, which involves some crazy fights. Together with my friend Mathis Landwehr, who is the leading actor of the show and Ramazan Bulut, who is the stuntcoordinator I choreograph the fights for the show.

And if this wouldnt be enough I am filming and editing all the martial arts scenes during the pre-production and if everything works out I even will do the b-camera ...Read more

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DustBall (visual effects test)

I just found some vfx test I made somewhen in 2004. For me it was quite interesting to open such an old project, because it was very obvious how different I worked back then. My main conclusion is, that I have absolutly no idea how I made it to finish projects back then, because it was all very chaotic. Whatever.

What I wanted to test back then was the following.

Camera Matching: I tried to match the cameramovement of a virtual camera to the handheld camera in reality.

What is this good for:

If y...Read more

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Cyborg Ninjas From Outta Space

My biggest inspiration as filmmaker always have been hong kong flick from the 80ties (mostly jackie chan and john woo), horrorflicks from guys like Sam Raimi (Evil Dead 2 is still the best fun horrormovie ever made !) and Peter Jackson (his "Braindead" and "Bad Taste" are endless pure fun, if you understand that kind of humar ;) ) and every kind of b movie, whether it is about killer snakes or ants from hell, mutant crocodiles or evil androids from outta space or the simple "guy has a problem and solves...Read more

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Straight Blast

For the last couple of years I ve been directing martial arts related action scenes. This was my first try using HDV.  Hope you have some fun.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr1EQVLct8M credits:

starring and choreographers:             Mathis Landwehr and Ulrik Bruchholz (me ;) )

camera operator:                                   Oliver Juhrs (aka WushuOlli on AnD)

written, directed and edited by:           Ulrik Br...Read more

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January 19, 2008