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First Encounter

After three days in Taiwan, I finally met the good old cockroach yesterday. I was actually pretty surprised that they are not everywhere.. I used to see them on the first day.  Another thing that's different this year is the temperature. So far, it's only in the 20's!!~ I thought I would start taking off my layers of clothes as soon as I step out of the plane XD

Went to the night market the other day.. the food was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to eat a little of everything so I can fit all of them in my stomach. I think I mad...Read more

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My miserable stage of life...

I don't know why.. this year.. i'm very fed up with the exam.. I can't make myself study according to schedule.. even when I'm sitting right in front of my notes.. i can't concentrate..

Feel like killing myself..

En plus, my physical behaviours does not match my mental thoughts(don't really know how to describe it..).. Physically, i'm extremely unwilling to sit and study all day.. but mentally, I know that's what I must do.. Man.. feel horrible.. two exams tomorrow.. but nothing is...Read more

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Thanks to my magical physics teacher.. my mark is safe.. =) --> 81%

This mark is acutally at the higher end of the grade..

As for the uni offers.. just waiting for three more offers...



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Physics = dead

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqyHbc92OI4 Yep.. physics is killing me.. I don't think I can EVER be good at physics... I guess i might as well suffer through the next few months so i can just get the credit..

Totally bombed my test...


Next up -- Calculus Test

Revenon a nos moutons..

I finally took my grad pic.. it took forever for me to go cuz the last time i booked an appointment, it got cancelled becau...Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Mar 5

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOUvLRmBHj4

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Can't wait till midterm.. so stressed..

Have a test everyday for the rest of the week..

But on the bright side:

  1. Beer party on Sunday (though I'm only drinking ice tea..) [main point of going is to OBSERVE the drunkards =)]


  3. B-Day one month away!!

  4. NEW YORK trip in June..

As for now.. Back to studying.. Physics test tmr.. Doomed... Pulley, ramps, circular motion...

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For those who knows me.. you should probably know why I made this account by just  a glimpse of the page. As for those you don't.. too bad.. i don't even know why you would read this in the first place..

I feel so stressed now.. What can I say?? I HATE Physics.. It feels like I will lose all my hair sooner or later because of the stress. Well.. I guess I can slack off a week since march break is not far from now..  

Must find a job ...Read more

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