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Nice nice Durian Puff - Suntec City

People .. I have found a shop at Suntec City that sells nice nice durain puff! 

I have heard before at Joo Chiat there is a shop selling veri nice durain puff.  Not sure if these two shops is the same but this one at Suntec Rocks!

Name: Puteri Mas Pte Ltd  (Price - S$11.00 for 20pieces)

(At Suntec City - New food street near to the open area of carrefour. ...Read more

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Happy Vesak Day! - Let's there is peace on Earth!

Gosh ...  I can't believe it has been such a long time since my last post. Life has been ups and down for the past 2 weeks plus. Things have been changing throughout the planet earth and I just like to just share some bits and pieces of my world here. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


Negative Piece - Part 1

I can't believe how can some "human beings" be so rude and $#%&)!@$!


This story is from m...Read more

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Finally back into action

1st May 2008 - Happy Labour Day

I finally got my long long waited "present". My first Sony Vaio

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What a disaster!

omg ... my pc has crush ...

Bought my laptop to Acer earlier this evening for repair but I can only get it back next wed.  No chance for blogging for the following week. 

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Beware! Detour ahead.

DETOUR - A choice between two different tasks to accomplish before teams can continue on the race.

In reality, I interpret this as a crossroad or just choices in our life.

Last week, my colleague has reached the crossroad of his career and has decide to move on to a new company.   Although 2-1/2 years is not consider as long but as a department, we do spend quality time together.

Oh man, I don't want to start with all those mushy mushy stuff but pls remember,  .... We will all miss you and support you as lon...Read more

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Happy Belated Birthday to my Sidi :) - X rated Beware

This entry is specially dedicated to my Sidi  - Mr. P who's birthday follows on 02 April.

Other than to express my best wishes to him, I guess it is fun to share his birthday cake pics here too.

From Us:-

Yummy choco cake from Awfully Chocolate. Recommended for all choco lovers. Ignore the calories and ...Read more

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Flight of Fantasy

It was a night of great fun when all staff of JCS came together to have fun and enjoy our Annual Dinner & Dinner on 20 March 08. Flight of Fantasy is the theme and you can't imagine how creative those folks are.

We have Pirates from various regions, empress dowager, bunny gal, prince and princess, harry potter. There are two particular characters which I must shine the limelight on. Th...Read more

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First Post - Singapore Flyer

I find it a rather interesting experience to go on a ride on the new Singapore Flyer. Considering the fact that I never have the impulse to try it out when I was in Japan, Swiss or Malaysia. (could be due to low on traveling funds). Finally, after almost 4 raining days in Singapore, my two lovely sister and I decided to try the ride out on a Friday evening and we all enjoy it very much.

As advice by the staff, each capsule is able to accommodate around 24 person and the best time to view is around 7:15pm. This is when yo...Read more

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