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Several places in Japan  often take place fireworks on July and August. I went to one firework with my friend. It was very beautiful.

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☆★Winter Vacation★☆

I am going to go to Taiwan on New Year's  Day. I have ever been to there  three times. I t is fine with me ,this time is a very short trip.I will eat Syou-ronpou and go shopping all day long.      And I am going to buy F4 New album. It is very important

I hope every restrant and store is opened New Year's Day in Taiwan.

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Which season do you like?

It is very cold in Japan.It is winter season now  I don't like winter season.I often catch a cold in winter. In winter season, Japanese eat Onabe.Onabe is Japanese cook.Put in many kinds of  vegetables and meat.It is very good and popular in Japan. I like it

★☆★Happy Thanksgiving Day★☆★

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Nice to meet you!! My name is Tomoe.I'm Japanese. I'm a fan of F4,especially Vanness♪♪ Everyone knows he is so cool!!!! ☆★Thank you ☆★

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