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My new company!

     For a long time not updating my blog! As for their own future life, and now I no longer work in the design of the door。 Now this year I and my sister opened a company engaged in the production of microbial natto。

     Natto invention patent in China, belongs to my sister's husband. Although the company has just set up soon, but there are still many difficulties to face us, particularly children fledgling like me, the pressure is that many, Is a good thing!Our products are very m...Read more

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Want to change

  SO long time no update my bolg maybe i forget myslef ,why i want to need this bolg before ?maybe i am a lazyer ?maybe i am a boring man ?maybe i am loser?sometimes i say to myself ,who am i ? i don't kown !I think maybe that is person often say that a person feeling more decadent !

  Now ,I am 26th ,it's enough old to be a mature man !but i think except me ! so ,i alway speak to myslef why are u come to the earth ? how can u do your life in the furture ?are u the best in your life ? ok, i say to myself :"fuck!u have a go...Read more

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My Firend's brithday

    Maybe long time hadn't leave some words in my blog ,perhaps also was because of dull living cause. Nothing good or important things made me to leave .But yesterday  was my firend's birthday ,I thinked that was the good thing ,so i had to wirten down this things for my firend ,hehe.Maybe wasn't not good cause ,I though.

   First,again to bless my friend happy birthday  too in here ,hoped  that his future days was so happy and interesting .had a good future was important for us whenever .

  Oh,the time h...Read more

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The health is very important

     Long time no wirte down somethings . beacuse so many things  have to do it .something like that find a good job .finish the graduation design or do anything.

    The good things no finish but i have a serious cold yet ,so it's bad luck to me . and than ,i found that have  a good body is very important in our life ! The disease which make me out of heart is like a bulshit /(hehe ).so i hoid my all firends can take care about yourslef  !Don't let the  disease have some chance !

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The holiday will be come

     The  holiday will be come ,but I only have  some homeworks will be done . Maybe finish all the work at first ,it's very important for me ! workhard again ! frighting...............

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To my firend

   My dear firends  I'm so sorry  Beause I often have to do my lots of homeworks this time  So  i  don't have much times to see my good firend u  and  leave a message to you  ! Hope that you can make allowance for ! 

Thank you !

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I am coming back

      Long time no saw i thought myself ! Although this time I hadn't done a good job,I thought I had a funny time.Going with my firend to go to KaiPing which was the beautiful tour divine spot .I got many beautiful pictures in there ,and I kewn the DiaoLou history this time . it's very good ! If you wanted  to  kown it Ican told you hehehehe 

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Good new things and good new firends

   I took some act photos for the guests with my good firend yesterday ,of course ,i was just a assistant,he was the boss,I only  helped him did something easy jobs ! But that day was very good ! Not only could learn somethings about  Photograph but also i could kown tow new firends : Steve and Uki .They were very firendly ,I love them .Steve came from Fance ,he's very good .very young and very handsome ,and the best  he was a motophone company boss  .Uki was a beautiful girl ,she was a model .As i saw she was a swim ...Read more

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Lost or Win

       I played the basketball game with my ball firends  yesterday !  Almost  my team all lost . it's badly to we ! Certainly,we often didn't care about lost or win ,we only  care about had a funny time .But if we could win the game we would be more happy! why we always lost ? This was the importance problem ! We lost maybe the cooperation problem of possible in view of the fact group or personal' ! The basketball game was a group sport not personal' , I didn't care of you have very great ability ,you must obey the team .Of c...Read more

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long time no c !i miss u !i am back !

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