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  • Memories of a workshop...

    Monday, Nov 23, 2009 5:39PM / Event / Members only
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    It's been about a year now...

    Wow, how time has just flown by...just like that and Jeanne Hartman is back!

    I remember last year, her workshop opened so many doors for me both figuratively and creatively speaking.  Her encouragement after her workshop was what gave me more confidence in my "pursuit of happyness".  First off, the workshop itself, although blogged about before, is such an incredible experience and a great tool that artists within the film/TV industry should take advantage of.

    Jeanne's a great lady who knows how to personalize her approach to make you understand.  Her classes are forever-challenging but educational and definitely worth your time.  She is on her way back to do another round of these workshops and I do hope that there's enough space for everyone, 'cause they fill up quickly!

    My plan was to join the pro class this year since I joined the "Newbies" class last time and encouraged to upgrade next time she comes back.  But because she was so damn good, and her support so strong, I've been busying myself with my film, Love Hurts.  I'm not sure if I'm able to but will definitely try to make it and embarrass myself in front of the real "Pros"...

    Either way, if I make it or not, whoever is reading this, should definitely look into signing up because it will help you get to where you want to get to in more ways than you could ever think of.  She's the real deal.  Check her out and she'll do the rest of the impressing in her classes.


    Wish you all the best Jeanne and I do hope to see you before you leave if I am unfortunate enough to miss your workshops!! 

    TLo is outtie.

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