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Nothing Serious

The national day's holiday is coming .

that means i can go on hanging out with somebody without feeling guilty or sth. so so so happy........  some one says  ,no matter how many clothes a girl has , whenever she opens the closet , she feels like there is still nothing to wear.  i find it pretty right .

i need new new new clothes ,  shopping shopping  , then i can forget everything annoying .

today i see the movie "love and other disaster" and i am truely loving it . especially th hot cute Argentinan guy . hahaha .............   i 've also learnt something from it ,although i cannot tell exactly clearly what it is . true love , crazy , destiny , fancy , idiot , or something else .... . 

i've stayed in front of the computer screen for nearly sixteen hours . feel not bad . just a bit worried about my skin ......  something i always want to keep believing in , something i alway be confused by , something i always try to figure out ...  

wish everyone here to get what u really want  . wish u a hppy happy holiday ^^^^^^^^^^have a blast with ur friends .....

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Thanks for your comment ... I felt better now.``` enjoy your holiday... :P
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