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feel nothing

i feel nothing . perhaps this is life .

most of time , the idea comes to my mind ,nothing gonna change until one day when i open my eyes in the morning ,this boring and quiet life come to the end . it's not bad ,exactly i feel nothing .i don't care . some time i may think about people having  showed up in my life.in fact , after things happen ,end .i wonder whether all those sweet and terrible things ever really happen . nothing matters.

waiting for someone who can change my mind even for just a minute . i am sure that the person will appear some time but now .

i never konw what things truely are till i get face-to-face with them . but i believe myself in my desire to live a better life .i can make it . now i have nothing but i am good .so if i want ,i can give up everything .i have nothing to be afraid of. just so so .

people can rarely consider others' feelings . when they think they understand one another much enough ,actually they will just get disappointed eventually . their happiness results from their telling not listening .

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