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Bolo Yeung – “The Beast From The East”

Bolo YeungBolo Yeung

He's big, he's brutal and his name is Bolo Yeung. Real name Yang Sze, was born on July 3, 1938 in Guangzhou, China. A former chinese power lifting champion, he decided to leave China and head to Hong Kong, where he began teaching at a local gym and also ended up winning the title of "Mr. Hong Kong" in the weight-lifting championships.

During the 1970s, Bolo starred in numerous kung fu films, but was many cast as a supporting actor in the old Shaw Brothers movies such as The Herioc Ones, which starred David Chiang/Ti Lung). It wasn't really until 1973 when Bolo really made his name, starring in a all time epic movie called "Enter The Dragon", with the legend himself Bruce Lee. Bolo met Bruce Lee while the two were filming a Winston cigarettes commercial a few years earlier and got on really well during the making. From this, he got the part as "Bolo", and this is of course is where his name actually came from, although the two didn't actually get to fight in this movie (Why? im not sure).

Enter the dragonBolo yeung and Bruce lee - Enter the dragon

Before the movie was released, bruce lee had sadly passed away, and is what actually made him a world wide star. Due to this, Bolo starred in a dozen other movies after Enter The Dragon including films where the main star had a simular name to Bruce Lee, such as Bruce Li, Bruce Liang, Bruce chair (well you get the picture). The movies wasn't going that great for bolo, only getting cameo roles in movies such as "Winners And Sinners, Shanghai Express and My lucky stars". He landed a part in a movie starring Bruce lee's son "Brandon lee" called legacy Of rage in 1986, but it wasn't until 1988 when bolo landed the role as "Chong Li", in an american production movie called "Bloodsport". The main star at the time was a unknown actor called Jean Claude Van Damme, but after both guys put in excellent performances, both their careers took off over night with american producers wanting to cast bolo in their movies.

Bolo had finally got the chance he deserved, starring in movies such as Breathing Fire, Tiger Claws, Fearless tiger and TC 2000. The biggest movie he starred in after Bloodsport, was once again with Jean Claude van Damme in "Double Impact", playing the main role that would fight Van Damme twice, the main being at the end of the movie.

Double ImpactBolo takes on Jean Claude Van Damme

"Outside of his movie career, Bolo is the father of three children. He still lifts weights about two hours each day, and he regularly practices tai chi chuan. He is the chairman of the Hong Kong Gym Business Association, and the team manager of the Taipei International Body Building squad. In 2008, Bolo retired from acting at the age of 70".

He remains as one of the baddest ever bad guys to grace our screens, and whats also remarkable is the fact that when he filmed Bloodsport, Bolo was actually 50 years old.Unbelievable. So if you haven't seen many of Bolo's movies, here is a selection of his work as a main star to supporting roles.

Blizhny_BoyBolo Yeung - 2007

1973 - Enter the Dragon

1973 - Chinese Hercules

1976 - A Queen's Ransom

1977 - 10 Magnificent Killers

1978 - Black Belt Jones 2

1979 - Snake Deadly Act

1980 - Enter the Game of Death

1985 - My Lucky Stars

1986 - Legacy of Rage

1988 - Bloodsport

1989 - Bloodfight

1991 - Double Impact

1991 - Breathing Fire

1992 - Tiger Claws

1992 - Ironheart

1992 - Shootfighter: Fight to the Death

2007 - Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter

Please enjoy the video - Double Impact Fight Scene

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