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im in the hottest model

It’s thursday night, I was cleaning my emails before start working next week - being the crazy photographer who will smoke the pack a day. Anyhow, I noticed I was interviewed by several people when reading the old emails. There was several people contacted me for my photographs into their magazine, blogs, or advertisement.

Well, all of them didn’t get through due to my deafness [ no response after i stated 'i'm deaf', so i assumed ] One of the blogger knew I was a deaf photographer and liked my works as well - henc...Read more

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what about me-n?

Okay, I may sound too much whiner right now - I am looking it as much different perspective. I was flipping through the magazines, internet and several ‘fashion designers’ sketches out there, all I envy is women fashion. I loved how they put the various outfits, put out the thousands of ideas on women. I didn’t see much of that in men, I’d say!

Um, I’d admit, I do love outfits that belong to women. Sometimes, I just sense it also in men style and it’s all about society that put down level of men’s fashion where they re supposed to u...Read more

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other inspiration

withdrawn from austin postings - i need fashion dosages - after watching project runway for three weeks. I enjoy checking out updated and inspirations that I could buy in cheapest prices [if i can find]…

I found one that i love the jacket, scarf, not the sweater. :X

gotta to get those boots!

still looking for more outfits. Well, I’m still dosaged with yesstyle outfits - it’s addictive… ha — ...Read more

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blog your dosage

isn’t it time for me to make new decisions - au revoir.

[edited]: the comment box is now up since it’d be better this way. [chuckles]

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day four in austin

day…four in austin - tis time we’re enjoying our time relaxing in barton spring - one beautiful handmade lake! We went to get some tan and get chance to mock lifeguards - even when i used to be one.

got chance to click me above water.

my famila in cold water and lake’s by the city…

um, this is same one b...Read more

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a secret is to be.

I got chance to do some photography series I’ve done before family vacation.

A new addition to Xita Productions - Aaron Chu - a beautiful hong kong model, he’s also a comrade who is a graphic & web designer. Feel free to check his works - http://www.absolute-arona.net. He have lot of potential on the works, and his looks as well!

I’d work with him next time when I get the stud...Read more

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day three in austin [II]

im back with the lovings.

well, I got chance to watch bats flying for a hour or two…and this is my best ofoto! :X

then I got restless and went under the bridge where bats lives during the day, inside those lines - seriously.

well, you see those thick black lines now, and yes, these are rea...Read more

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day three in austin

bonjour once again, i’ve been around in austin for third day and we pretty filled up our stomach so well so far. I gotta to say it’s place that contain plenty of options, different place to check out, enjoy the environments - well, lot of locals - and in good prices for great food!

I would say I’m not that crazy about picking out the places, my brother and elisa are. However, I am on vacation, I got to enjoy as well & photographing what I like to see! I’d admit my girlfriend will love this place even if we’re not stopping by ...Read more

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my brother’s engaged!

before I start to yap about my vacation, I proudly want to toast my best wine to nicholas anthony vita and elizabeth alison abenchuchan, they announced their engagement!

my darlings, I also wish them a beautiful future together!

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day one in Austin…

…during the arrival of the austin, all of us are confusing each other with central time arrival.

end up arrived early, after all - that’s me walking around unpatiently in humidity [ even under shadows ] and thats my mum behind me, paging my brother to hurry and pick us up [ gotta love that moment tho ].

After picked up, we got a small tour of my brother and his girlfriend’s apartment and all of us were in celebration mood. We went to Hula Hut, it was defini...Read more

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