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chopak departs.

My good buddy, Chopak, is going to be gone to Taiwan for few months.

We got chance to have some fun and done some photoshoots whole day together - we played with 35mm f/1.4L len, it’ve done us real good - prolly will have to buy 24-70mm to compare as well!

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that fightclub

This is third collaboration I’ve done with several make-up artists and photographers prepared, with lot of models this time. ^_^

One of the model decided to direct the shoot of “Fightclub” version, to have photographers flow with models in their actions and their conversations. This is my version and now, smoke your cigarette, boy.


In your first encounter, fight.

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fun of the california i flew in - got a model that inspire many






next on new series.

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gone to san francisco

^_^ [waves]

I haven’t been post some for a while, I must be busy!

Last week or two, I finally ordered a flight to San Francisco! I miss Pamela too much that I’ve keeping myself busy to speed the time. Now I am going to see her tomorrow in California and I’m definetly exhausted right now, BUT i’d be enegerized when i’d get to see her! [ waddling, prolly ] heh.

We have so much things to do when we’re catching up - especially when we’re celebrating Halloween together! o_O

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FRUiTS accomplished.

FRUiTS accomplished, tokyo ladies came.

just us three, knowing japan in our heart.

hosts by Vugg and KiFo. ^_^ v

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tai nakladda rocks.

sunday shooting, as always.

i’m rocked up. >_

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wait, parapazzi?

One of many photographers who was capturing on fun saturday!

more to come - i haven’t got chance to edit all of the photos. Ay, ay. T_T

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The world of drunkards, shallows and beautiful people. I fit it in just well, without being drunk, that is ^_^ v

Anyway, I snapped some pictures I thought was worth watching - there’s lot of african american models. I was expecting lot of international models - well, there is, just that they’re not looker enough. Ay.

Swimwear Collection: DC Fashion Week.

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i’m back…!

Sheesh, it’ve been weeks since I’ve blogged!

Since I departed the summer vacation to working shifts. I’ve been in non-stop hours in the office, following up the plans, feeding pictures, organizing and capturing the events in the university. Then I, as today, got a student photographer, Ann Dillon and chip-in, Alex Abenchuchan as video editor under my table. I’ve more time from being super-busy, I am thankful.

So last weekend, I finally got my weekend off. I made a plan to attend National Gallery of Art Museum to check out the new d...Read more

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black and white

Yassh, for few years - I’ve finally found my CDs contain the files on black and white photographs. I’ve abandoned it for fashion editorial photography and I had passion for B&W, for now I don’t see myself doing it again - well, for a while. Even though the CDs are in my hands, looking through it, I do miss doing it in my time! good times. [smirks]

I also did a website based on black and white, I never get around to finish it - I also am in mood to show some of my old designs when I get it done in 10 years from now! [ im kind of p...Read more

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