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Kitty is going to depart astounding USA to sweden, her home. This is only beginning… 0logoisc




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Clif Ortman on the EDGE

Met this newest model, loved his look, and paid him for the magazine in making. He came out great, it motivates me to gather some more models!


more to come, my love.

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to be politician?


I was assigned to attend the Hart Senate Building to take pictures of student intern along with his faculty adviser, to meet up Senate Harkins. [Senate Harkins' brother was named after Gallaudet University's computer lab]  It was a fun session, yet professional. I took some fun shots, trying to avoid some seriousness. ^_^

That, I snapped this shot - thought it’s cool when we’re in u...Read more

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remember ‘im

ya’ll remember Eduardo, the underwear model, I’ve done a month ago?

I was re-burning the CDs for him and his brother who attended my studio I’ve set few months ago. We’ve done plenty of awesome close-ups shots that I realized I never post - forgot all about showing it off, i’ve been bad. ^_^ Here’s two of each cabreras!

eduardo eight

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dahling kaye

Dahling Kaye was in area and as you know I love to capture asians! ^_^ We end up having a fun photoshoot on the spot, going with the flow that the locations I already liked while we walked through the area.

When I was shooting her, I loved her looks and poses as if she like to be front of camera all the time (i can tell she do!) and I often don’t have female asian requests. So with her, Im absolutely thrilled to work with her.

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his mask is finally off

At most time the traveling during weekend is my hobby right now, I frequently find myself enjoying each moment and admire lot of locations so I went to Richmond, Virginia! I got to browse little around the locations, there’s millions things to do in richmond, yet I have model to do… ^_^

So I had Joey Park to live up with my themes and location, I love his youth energy!


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underwear model

It’s one of those days, models need something for their comp cards to sell themselves to agencies. I was contacted from this model, Eduardo. Since I had my studio lights and such, I thought it’s perfect for him to model in this situation. We arranged the day and got Calvin Klein’s stock because I always dislike how they brought in their underwear (note: i’m super picky when it come to looks!). Anyway, when we was doing session, I didn’t realize he was an inspiring model - he know how to be sexy front of the camera. I end up having plenty pict...Read more

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korean in nyc

In new york city in recently weekend, I’m late for everything, indeed. However, this model I had chance to work with, for long time we’ve been scheduling to do so! We’ve finally done several locations including bryant park, where the fashion show runways tend to host at. ^_^*

I played some with colors and contrast, clarify and lot of levels of saturations - I simply don’t like the raw colors - I just love to EDIT!

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we got jblasted.

Of course, when I heard there’s a cherry blast - a night event that include dancing + art + fashion + anime = I just gotta to go!  I invited one of my adorable friend join me, she’s from Japan so we can blab whenever we know japan stuffs. It includes hoop that you can dance along the crowd, dance nearby the cage where models poses, drinking beers with red bull provided free, browse through the japan’s culture of sculptures, arts and fashion, …and really lousy anime exhibition (this part I was disapponted!) ^_^

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the sexiness preview

I had too much things going on my hand, I thought I should show you the preview of upcoming project for a magazine. I had them numbered & edited to publicize worldwide.


And yes, my first time doing something pink and colorful and…exotic.

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