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  • day two in austin

    Tuesday, Jul 22, 2008 11:21AM / Standard Entry

    In the morning, we woke up pretty late and found out my mum was sick from drinking last night. We laughed it off and decided to have a quiet day for us all. In late afternoon, we browse around a construction site where all of the houses are going to build. Yep, my brother, Nick and his girlfriend, Elisa bought a house on that land. It’s amazing place, they are going to have farmer’s land and a small lake in their backyard. Real nice place for new couple just recently moved into austin, texas!

    Afterwards, we drove to other 20 miles away from construction site into a model homes where we’d get idea what their house is going to be designed and constructed. I took a picture and thought the designers did amazing job on exhibiting the layout and tastes. They did made a great choice!

    the house is going to be ready, its going to be finished in 2009….I will have chance to see their new pad when im visiting next time! Not too long from now tho, :D

    When done with model houses, we zoomed back to apartment and had a good dinner and resting for the night. Going to have a lot of sores tomorrow night after all, we’re going to walk all the day!

    day three until next time, au revoir.


  • A week in Austin

    Monday, Jul 21, 2008 8:51AM / Standard Entry

    Anxiously waiting in the airport - on way to Austin after many friend’s compliments - gave me some excitement of the ‘art world’ or they say. :x

    Anyway, before arriving texas, my family, I decided to sat down for our lunch before our departing at 2pmish. I got glimpse of this beauty - sea creatures in the exhibition - I loved how it’s shaped in unexpected sizes [ don't know about you but I don't often see interesting bunch of stuffs that lives in ocean ]

    Arrived austin few hours ago - got few glimpse what the city have offer but haven’t got into it yet. We arrived late as well, however, I got to see awesome hippie building called caffeine dealer. I’d have chance to snap some shots when we got to see Texas school for the Deaf that set nearby…!

    Although, had our late dinner in Hula Hut - got taste of texas martini - 9 out of 10 rating, I’d say! Yum, we also had some family fun pictures on the boat and the rest of the night, that I’d blog the pictures next time! heh.

    au revoir.


  • Aaron Chu

    Sunday, Jul 20, 2008 1:05AM / Standard Entry

    departing to texas, one of my unknown travels.


  • se7en - crazy

    Saturday, May 24, 2008 7:11AM / /

    randomness - got it off from a friend. <3

    arrived from nyc dosages. yum - gunna work like crazy once again.


  • i shall work!

    Friday, May 23, 2008 7:56AM / Standard Entry

    bonjour, I haven’t gone away yet - ah. The website was down for some reason and I decided to clean my laptop - its going real slow. 5 years with this laptop, time to recharge it up. [smirks] While that time, I transferred all of my pictures - got some I haven’t show…! [or i did - it's 2oo7 collection!]

    [corrigan; 2007]

    [bern; 2007]

    then done some group photoshoot last year for fashion show and few travels as well - I started to do more group photoshoot this year, it’s something I like in this moment. Until then, that is.

    [three gentlemen; 2007 ]

    [dark asia; 2007]

    now off to plan some more for philadelphia, nyc and texas [ if i get lucky with desert ] photoshoots through the summer. Now, I’m hoping to get fun project such as clothing line, see how it’d work… im also in works with film festival banners and such other clients.

    au revoir, my friends.


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