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snrg: version one

One of my job, marketing dept assigned me to play with ‘illustrated photo’ with specific photo I took of. As always, I got distracted to my models and working on SNRG singer, i.Speak - he’s my new favorite.


aside of my flaws - it was good experiment.

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8 Nights: Ninth Days

8 Nights: Ninth Days 8nights


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10 Models Wanted

you're wanted

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Takashi Higa



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Th’warning signal

the night of the grave’s delight at her play…HEmilyjo

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Split Faces Featuring

johnsupremedo - “shoot for the moon…because, even if you miss…you’ll still end up amongst the STARS”


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Split Faces Featuring

damienspillane- “give others freedom to be themselves. Appreciate the differences between their ways and yours”


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Split Faces Featuring

eduardocabrerajr -

“I’ve been interested in becoming a model because i’m a dedicated person and i want to accomplish alot in life.”


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interested in photograph projects?

paid assignments:FunShots

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I’m booking up the close-ups of various faces, I will need four face-shots and body-shots.

Event Date: August 29th and 30th

Location: Maryland/DC

Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm

What to bring: black suitpants with nice shoes.

When booking you in, we will d...Read more

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.Benjamin Harden. hardencover

When I met him for first time, his long hairstyle - along with his stunning look - captured my eyes. After the small talk, I learned he’s also had a hidden talent as the photographer. I saw his work and it was astounding that he could push himself to be one of us, he got skills. I decided to hire him as ‘motion’ photographer in athletics since he’s in love with it!

Then a ye...Read more

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United States
August 18, 2007