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A Real Torture Day! ~

This day was and still are a real torture day!!

I woke up a little bit later then I should have done so I had to rush with my make up and my hair and I wasn't happy with any of it! The reason to WHY I wanted it to be "perfect" was becuz today was the day for our school picture (!!!!) Every year this special day is a day of pure TORTURE!! I absolutely HATE this day. Why? Well it's simple, I never look good on the school p...Read more

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Love Gives Me Hope ~


Bah! So typical! It's late again!

Yah, yah, but that's becuz I have been sitting with my homework. Swedish litterature, 10 pages reading, 25 questions. WOOOPPYY!! ~

And now I'm finally DONE! Yeeeeeeah!

To summarize the day,...

I woke up at 12:22 by my textmessage ringtone and saw that it was from my honey, he said goodmorning, wished me a good day and said he love me, soooo sweeeeeeeet!! And then I fell asleep again, woke up by the...Read more

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Monday ~

Yo yoo ~

The day started with that I overslept,   YAY! I missed my first lesson that started 9.35 as you know, but I woke up at 10.25 hahaha, so I had noooo rush to go to school cuz my next lesson started at 12.30 :P So it was chill ~

At the school me and my friends was in a weird way mad at each other,  it was so weird :P Haha, but anyway we go over it and everything just went with the flow.

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Girls Night ~

Raaarr,... It's late, but I'm gonna try to summarize the day/evening/night.

Woke up around 11. My phone gave away a stupid annoying sound. Looked at it. New textmessage from my friend Linda, she said she was sick so she couldn't come to my place for dinner (crayfish). Just what I and Jenny thought. And our other friend Alexandra couldn't either,... boyfriend you know,.. he comes before us. So it was just me and Jenny :) And O'BOOOOY so damn fun we had!! :D She came to my place around 17, then we went to the supermark...Read more

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Life puzzle ~

Have you ever got that feeling where you wanna drop everything?

You know, you wanna fall asleep and wake up re-born?


wanna wake up, with no memory, no thoughts, no mistakes, no problems, no regrets, no wounderings, nothing at all, just blankness and emptyness. Just to have the chance to start all over, a fresh new start.

I have.


those days are coming closer and closer to me. I have the feeling deep inside of me that I wanna let go of everything right now, just forget everythi...Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Aug 28

Haiii everyone!!

I just got home from a totally awwwweesssooomeeee day/evening with Jenny!

She and her family wanted me to come over for dinner and it was freaaakiing DELICIOUSSS!! I'm crazy about Chinese food haha ^_^'

So it ended up with that I ate absolutely too much of it haha! I always do :D haha

Her mother had made crab, king prawns, chicken, rice and artichoke soup! YUM!!

Before all this me and Jenny went for a walk and talked about some things that have been bothering me for some ...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Aug 26

Good evening!

I slept 1 fucking hour last night, or even less. I really couldn't sleep. I was laying in my bed and did nothing, just staring to my white ceiling. Many thoughts came and left.

I was in soooo bad mood when I woke up, and I have had that ALL day.

I started school at 8:30, first lesson was civics. Nothing special to tell there. Then I had a break from 9:30 to 14:40. I went home cuz I had nothing else to do in school.

And then I was back in school around 14:35 to have "General scie...Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Aug 25


I had my first psychology lesson with Leif Bergholtz today, I didn't know he had worked at a mental hospital before :O  He told us stories about when he was walking with a man in a park, he was two meters tall and was a murderer. He had killed a lot of people. And he also told us about every time the mental sick persons had been eating, the people who worked there had to count all the knifes and forks. It was for their own saftey cuz otherwise the mental sick persons could kill them.

It was v...Read more

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Grrr... (!)

Stupid school,.. I have to return my computer cuz the fuckers at the school has got a new password for the Internet,... and they say it will take 3 WEEEEEKSSS!! ARGH!!!

I have to get all my stuff from this computer to the MAC at home,.. FUN!!

Well well, what to do ^_^

Today I have done absolutely NOOTHING. Just chilling infront of the TV, playing "Jade Empire" on my Xbox :) I love Sundays ^_^ hahaha

And tomorrow, another week of work in school, I hope I survive haha :D

Baiii ~

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