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Lazy Homework Day ~

I donno what to write today actually,... I was gonna put up some pictures, but I'm too lazy to do that now :P Hahahahaha Nothing special happened in school today more than that two politicans from "Centerpartiet" came and talked. Otherwise I tried to stay away from the bitch today and not to be in the same spot as she was at the same time. I wanted to avoid her so much as I could. Anyway, this day has been a really good day for me :) One of the better once!So now I just hope that it will stay this way :) HeheheI have been si...Read more

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WTF?! ~

AAARRRRRRRGH!!!!! This day can just go and fuck itself! LITERALLY!I'm soooo tired of always have to be the one who takes all the shit! I don't ONLY have to try to deal with my OWN stuff, nooo, no, no, I have to try to deal with EVERYONE elses problems TOO!! It's like if they actually think that I'm their PANDORA'S BOX!!! It's so FRUSTRATING!!Shit, it's so much that is going on right now that I don't even know where to start,...Maybe to start where the day started.I woke up, 10 minutes before my first lesson, so I had t...Read more

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A Really Bad Day ~

Well hello there boys and girls!  ~The day started with a totally boring swedish lesson, then followed by that two persons from "Folkpartiet" (it's a democratic party, not importent stuff to know), he, Allan something, talked about WHY we should vote on their party. Boring and uninteresting stuff to listen at. I returned my laptop to the school today, she didn't seem very happy, maybe cuz she was on the phone and she seemed stressed out, but I said that I didn't have the time to bring it in before the summer break. Ho...Read more

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Computers ~

Well, this day just literally SUCKS!  Went to bed around 00:30, woke up at 14:10... GOSH!!!  Hm, it's not the first time I wake up late. Some days I've woke up around 15 and 16 haha! I spend more than one hour and 30 minutes on the phone with Linda, guy trouble you know, it takes time to talk about   Haha! And then I spend maybe 30-40 minutes with another friend of ...Read more

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The "WAAAAAH" day ~

Today grandma and grandpa went home to Skåne  , but before they did they, mom, dad and I went shopping in Björkå, Emmaus. It's a place were they sell vintage (second hand) stuff about 2 mils from my hometown I found 1 pair of shoes, 2 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, 1 skirt and then a pink little monkey and I already have the bigger one since some years back, lucky mee! ~ hehe ~

On the way home dad speeded up to 210 - 220 km/h with h...Read more

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Grandma & grandpa ~

Woke up at 10.30, started school at 11.05.

Had science in 40 minutes and then culture and history of ideas in 40 minutes where we continued watching " Pride & Prejudice", gooosh  that movie is great!

Went home where my grandparents were waiting for me. They came today all the way from Skåne to visit us. Called my boss and asked if she wanted me to come to work today, but...Read more

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The Earwig ~


Hahaha, in school me and my friends sat down to eat lunch when we suddenly started to talk about democratic (the 19th September we have parliamentary election or what it's called, I can't vote cuz you have to be 18 and I will be that the 8th October haha, doesn't mind me, I will never vote anyway ) and daaaaaaaamnnnn what we started to argue about the different parties there are in the Parliament and who they we're gonna to vote on and we even started to talk about the BIBLE!...Read more

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Every Little Thought Counts ~

This makes me think about you honey <3

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A Text From LGMH ~

"I told my best friend one day "I wish there were more men like you."

His reply...

"I wish there were more women like you. Wait...no I don't, because then I would be in love with more women than just you, and I would not want that."

Your LGMH".

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Company Advisor ~

I slept really good last night, maybe cuz I went to bed a lot earlier than I use to do haha ~

I didn't wanna get out of bed today, but I had to. School you know.

Started today at 9.50 to have psychology. We just went trough how we were gonna make up the lessons for this year and the next. Looked good  So I'm happy with it.

I only had two lessons today but it felt like the day would never end. I guess school makes you f...Read more

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