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My mood is officially gone. Down at the bottom.I'm fucking PISSED OFF.You wanna play? Then let's play!GAME ON.

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Busy Life ~

Sitting in my room right now and I can't sleep.Thinking about doing some homework but I just got too much on my mind.It's crazy, I have no idea why you're doing this? Do you have any reasons, or you're maybe just enjoying it?I propably will hear the usual things WHY.And guess what? I'm TIRED of hearing it. If you don't know what's up you're starting to THINK, but you often have the total opposite of what's up for real.Instead of THINKING and building up your own ideas you can TALK to me. I want to talk to you, ...Read more

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YÄY! ~

YÄY! These shoes are MINE now >:DFinally I got black pumps!Can't wait till I get them! ~Högklackade från Belle, pumps, platå, trend, 38Högklackade från Belle, pumps, platå, trend, 38Högklackade från Belle, pumps, platå, trend, 38

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Fun Night! ~

Hello guys!Yesterday was absolutely awesome!Long time ago since I was out with the girls ~We took the bus at 19:55 from Åseda into Växjö, then we took another bus to Teleborg where Andrea live.When we arrived at her and her mother's apartment Linnea stod outside and talked in her phone.I tried to be normal but it's kinda hard to know that THAT person has something against you BEFORE her and I even MET IRL... LOL ~She have talked a lot of shit about me also, poor girl. She don't even know me. Gosh.Anyway, we went inside and said hello...Read more

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No Pain ~

Woke up and I got no pain at all :)Ofc, when I touch it it hurts, but otherwise it's like normal ~I can finally do things quite normal now haha ~**~And that, my friends, means that I can go out with my girls tonight! :DJust like we planned ~I actually thought I wouldn't be able to do that becuz of the pain I had yesterday, but luckily it changed just in time ~!

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Finally Mine ~

BO YAH! :DI've been looking like an crazy idiot for this red dress and now it's finally mine!This dress from H&M became sold out in just a few days, and ever since I saw it on a big poster in Växjö I was like "Wooooooh, I WANT THAT!!".Klicka för att stänga fönstretIt's such a beautiful dress and I'm totally in love with it haha :'3Now I'm just waiting for it to come and land in my ugly mailbox ~Then I'm BOM BAM BABY! :D

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And Now The Pain Comes ~

My wounds hurts soooooo much right now... ARGH!It hurts when I'm sitting down, when I'm getting up, when I'm standing, when I'm bending down, when I'm walking, even when I'm totally STILL.I can almost not walk, but when I do I look like a freaking penguin -_-' Or worse...I had to get my mother to help me with changing my bandage cuz it bled so much, and it's still bleeing.Don't think I can go out with the girls tomorrow as we planned :( Dammit...I hope it will become better tomorrow, but I don'...Read more

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Sister's Place ~

No school for me today so I'm going to my sister now, hopefully my butt will handle it hahahaha ~ She's gonna help me with some things and I'm gonna say farwell to her little black and fluffy kitten:'( It's a person who's coming today at 14 to get him. Buuhuuu ~ Donno btw what's wrong with the pictures, fixing it when I'm getting home :) ~Bai baiiii~

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The Surgery ~

Hello, dear followers!I just got home from the hospital and I got some really good news!My liver spots are... GONE!Yes, you read right, they are officially GONE! The doctor I got was really really nice and kind, his name was Laslo and he came from Hungary and came to Sweden for about 2,5 years ago.First he asked me if I still had any troubles with my stomach and I was like "What?" and then I thought that maybe liver spots could cause stomach pain. So I answered a quite unsure "No". Read more

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Ah Damn ~

At school right now, sitting in the library just becuz I forgot my laptop at home, argh.

Anyway, I overslept, like usually, so I missed civics. Shit lesson.

And I'm thinking about skipping my last lesson, nature sience, cuz no one of my friends are here today. FUN. We were suppose to take 15 minutes of the lesson (in groups) and talk about cells for the whole class. But no can do, NO ONE'S HERE!

I don't even know what's for lunch today :( Wouldn't surprise me if it was something disgusting. LIKE ALWAYS.Read more

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