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O'boy, where should I start?A lot of things has happened but I've been kinda busy to blog about it lately, so I will try to give you guys a summary. I'm gonna start with the most important that has happened :)One day when I came home from school I saw that I had got a letter from my boyfriend :3 ~Inside the letter I found these adorable photos :') ~He had also written something behind one of the photos Tihiii ~He's so thoughtful and sweet my lovely boyfriend :') ~This really made my day <3 Thank you so much honey, I love you! ~~And now to the little more "not-so-important"-things.I got a lot of clothes and shoes in my mailbox the last week :) ~~Klicka för att stänga fönstret~Klicka för att stänga fönstret~~Obetydligt använda LACOSTE skor!~Högklackade från Belle, pumps, platå, trend, 38~When it came to one package I got, I thought it was really cute :)It had this red gift wrap with cute little boggarts on ^_^ Haha ~~And it's soon February :P haha ~~Anyway, had to go to the hospital once again, to be exakt, the third time.And all becuz of that one wound is infected. So for now on I have to clean it two times a day, morning and night with compresses drown in chlorhexidine. On the day it's gonna be dry and when I'm going to sleep it has to be with chlorhexidine. Hopefully it will heal :)

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You got hurt?sweety&gt;_&lt;Take care!
almost 9 years ago
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No, I had an operation :) Aww, thank yoou ~
almost 9 years ago
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oh?what operation?
almost 9 years ago
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I took away two liver spots :)
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