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Photosession with Sean Cheng!

Hi boys and girls! Lately I've been quite busy, that's why I haven't been doing any blog entries for a while, but now I feel like I'm back on track! And I'm also very sorry that I haven't answered some of my comments in my guestbook, can't remember anymore which I've answered and not, but feel free to write and I will answer ASAP! :)You see, I was together with this guy for over a year, and I knew him for almost 2 years. It didn't work out between him and I cause he was deadly jealous and well yeah, he simply cheated on me. Several times. And now I'm like asking myself why the hell I forgave him and took him back all the time? I must have been crazy in love or something. But I do regret damn much that I gave him so many new chances all the time so he could change. Damn. But anyhow that's not all he've done, it would take me forever to write it all, too bad though that I didn't keep a diary of it. Well well, I guess it's only for the best that I didn't haha. Now I can move one faster.I was planning on putting up a few new photos that was taken this week in Torsås and Bergkvara, near Kalmar. They're taken by Sean Cheng and I was the model. Hope you all will like them and please comment what you think about them! :) I will put up the rest when I get them! Kiss and hugs![](/attachments/2012/02/22/21/55383_201202222159521.thumb.jpg)

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