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Horror Movies

Tonight I'm thinking about spending some time watching a couple of horror movies. Sean isn't so much for that kind of genre of movies, while I'm on the other hand always wanna watch that kind of genre! I looooove horror movies hahaIf you only mention "Toby" in "Paranormal Activity" for Sean he will freak out haha. That's why I'm talking about "Toby" all the time when I'm near Sean Evil SmileI wanna see "Amusement" again all though I've already seen it once, but it'...Read more

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Photosession with Sean Cheng!

Hi boys and girls! Lately I've been quite busy, that's why I haven't been doing any blog entries for a while, but now I feel like I'm back on track! And I'm also very sorry that I haven't answered some of my comments in my guestbook, can't remember anymore which I've answered and not, but feel free to write and I will answer ASAP! :)You see, I was together with this guy for over a year, and I knew him for almost 2 years. It didn't work out between him and I cause he was deadly jealous and well...Read more

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Meow :3

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✞ Rest In Peace ✞

Mikael, you will always be with us&we will always love you  ♥The pictures are from a family reunion June 19, 2010Mikael & his son, Norton♥Norton & his father, Mikael♥Read more

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✞ Vila I Frid ✞

You left us too early.Your young son, your wife and all your family members.We will all miss you so enormously much.You don't have to suffer anymore.Now you can close your eyes and Rest In Peace.We love you, ♥Mikael Lindqvist (Lindström)✞ 14-09-2011 ✞Defeat cancer, so no more people have to suffer.

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The Constant Fight For Survival

I'm not the kind of person that likes to talk about my personal problems with or to unknown people. But I have to understand the fact that I will never be able to move on if I never talk about them with people that's around me and almost dedicating their own life to make me feel better. I've been thinking many times, and a lot lately, that I should go to someone unknown that is professional in that area. That would ofc be helping people that actually and literally feel like shit inside but trying to put this untouc...Read more

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A.L.W.A.Y.S. ~

I'm just sayin' it. ALWAYS.I don't care about it, I give a shit to be totally honest.I just don't understand WHY? It's not the first time, not the second, it's ALWAYS.You've been doing that EVERY god damn time I have been coming back.When I'm not there, nothing happens, but when I come back it's like you just HAVE to do it.But fine, you can do it. But don't expect me to be like I normally am. Cuz right now, I'm pissed on you. Not becuz of this, but becuz you literally DON'T UNDERSTAND ME. 

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Vibram Fivefingers: Bikila W - The Ugliest Shoe Ever ~

This must be the craziest and ugliest shoe I've ever seen.Seriously.It looks fucked up and it's also UGLY as hell.Skor - Vibram Fivefingers: Bikila W | Yttersidan av skonSkor - Vibram Fivefingers: Bikila W | Skon sedd framifrånSkor - Vibram Fivefingers: Bikila W | Innersidan av skonRead more

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Summary ~

O'boy, where should I start?A lot of things has happened but I've been kinda busy to blog about it lately, so I will try to give you guys a summary. I'm gonna start with the most important that has happened :)One day when I came home from school I saw that I had got a letter from my boyfriend :3 ~Inside the letter I found these adorable photos :') ~Read more

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I Hate This... ~

Maybe I'm blind... I couldn't see you shine and shimmer right in front of my eyes...I thought I saw light, but it was a faded mirror, just a dim reflection...But you shine, you shine so much brighter...Open your mind, just open your mind...But please don't leave me, don't leave me outside...And honey I'll try, honey I'll try to hold you like the starry skies we lay beneath tonight....Read more

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