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Moving! :)

Well "moved" would be more accurate. I've moved over to blogspot. Its just better for general blogging and I hope that anyone that checks me out here will check me out at:

matthewfelts.blogspot.com or at facebook.com/theoldronin

I'll keep checking back around here, I just doubt that I will be blogging as much!



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Blog: Tuesday, Nov 17

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Happy Pepero Day!!!

Its 11/11 and as we all know its Pepero Day!!! So maybe its only really a South Korean thing, but I see no reason that the entire world can not celebrate!! Buy a box of Pepero's or Pockys if you have to and spread the love around!!!



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A blog for the ages!

So I realize the whole point of having a blog is keeping the damn thing up to date and I also realize that I have been a complete slack ass in that department as of late.

To keep it simple. Work still sucks and the holidays are coming quickly. I have a cool new girlfriend that is really breaking through that cold dark sky that has been hovering over me this year.

My brother has been sent off to his basic training for the Air Force and I'm very proud of him. Hell he's going to come out of the Air Force with a solid...Read more

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What do you think of my new profile pic? Its the ninja from a comic strip I am creating in my spare time. Let me know what you think ya?


Also, anyone using facebook should look me up at www.facebook.com/theoldronin ! Just add me!

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Fancy things!

This week I have been subjected to fancy art and wine. I like it.

I also am gaining some on a career goal that I've had for a very long time. I like it.

Fringe and football came back on. I like them both.


I have decided that I'm going to try and stop whining about everything that pops into my head. My life now is very much different from the life I had a year ago. That saddens me alot, because I have never been as happy and content as I was then, however who is to say better things do not lie ahead? My ...Read more

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a hard time...

I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time latley. Emotionaly I just feel all over the place. Work frustrates me and there are all sorts of little things that have been getting on my nerves. My biggest problem is that I miss "her". No matter how much I try to forget or run away it seems like she pops back into my life. Usually this happens when I hear things from people we have in common. This is just going to happen I guess. The thing is, my friends are polite and treat her well, but whenever I see her friends, they look a...Read more

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The big 30!

So I turned 30 yesterday, and although the day started off terrible, overall it ended up being a good day. Of course, my birthday celebration will continue through the rest of the weekend, so I'm looking forward to what will be coming up over the next few days.

Family and friends are awesome. Big thanks to Bennie for the Ham, Cake and Sake. What else could a man want on his birthday?

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Thoughts on love, life and the universe =P

So the end of this year is finally starting to come into focus. Most people would probably say its a little early to be looking at the end of the year, however this has been a year I would like to move past as quickly as possible. This year, I lost the best job I've ever had, destroyed my car, racked up some new medical bills and debt, and now and struggling to fit in school while working a crummy job that has no future at all. All of the above a really minor when I take a step back and look at them. Actually, t...Read more

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I have a cold -_-

and I'm not happy about it. I'm in a new town and I now all I can think about is a big bowl of pho. I will do my best to try and track some down this weekend sometime.

Picked up Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Nintendo Wii today and have been playing it instead of doing school work. I'm pretty pleased. Its very artsy game that is bright and fun to look at. I love things that are bright and fun to look at.

Well I guess thats all for tonight. Tired now.


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