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These days are very cold, many people are sick, and I get cold. So I need keep strong and then can save money. If use money to see a doctor, that is very sad.

I know sport can make body strong, although the weather is very cold. I need use time to do sport. I think it can make me smart.

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Horse is a smart animal, it is strong and powerful. In the past, people are ride them to go everywhere, because no car at last. So they are very expensive.

Nowadays, horses are still expensive. If they running fast and health, people will train them to race. So horses are very famous animal.

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This bear I think is baby,so it is cute. And it is live in iceland, it's colour like the snow. In it's eyes I can feel it is wild, although it is baby. It is dangerous for people. And it will grow then more powerful.

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Captain America

Captain America is a cool character, in the TV game he is more smart. But in the movie Captain America is not very cool and smart. I feel he is a normal guy, not like hero. It maybe make me guess he is very smart in the movie, so I lose the hope.

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The King Of Fighter is a good FIG game, it is snk playmore game. I was play in KOF96, and until to KOF XIII, although only KOF97 - KOF99 play more and more.

I still love play this game, sometime go to game station see and play. And my power is not bad. ^ ^

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Orange is good for health. Many people like eat it after dinner, I am too. Sometime I eat apple after dinner, and I like orange more. I was know apple and orange can't eat together, because it will bad for body.

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Wolf is a wild animal, they give people a horrible and bad feeling. But many story are use Wolf for the topic. Some story make wolf be a hero like wolfman. Wolf give me alone style, they are not life together and seems like action by own.

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