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Chinese Pop Songs

Do we have any fans of Chinese pop songs here?  I'm thinking of putting up some music videos of Chinese songs.  Hopefully you'll all find them interesting.

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I Love Shopping at Vons

Oh yes, I love to shop for my groceries at Vons.  I can't tell you the reason because well it's top secret.  OK, I'll say this much...  Them college co-ed checkout girls sure look good in their polyester/khaki uniforms, especially if they wear their hair in a ponytail.  So yes, I'll admit it's true, I love to check out the checkout girls at Vons.  But I only do it discreetlythough, because first of all I don't want to be rude, plus I don't won't them be putting stuff into my food next time I go to the s...Read more

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My First Blog!

Welcome to my first blog!  Some of you have wondered why there's not been a blog entry on my page, this is because I have been putting off on bloggingdue to me being rather busy with my studying.  But since you, my dearest and loyal fans (hahaha just kidding) have been clamoringfor yours truly to write something, (yes, I'm a legend in my own mind) I've decided to oblige and give in to your humble request and start blogging. (As I am kind and generous and do not wish to torture my loving fans any further, J/K!)  Seriously, what woul...Read more

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