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BUCK WILD: My movie...

So it's been about 2 years to the day that this film was shot.  Many of my cast and crew have sent me messages asking about the status and many have probably written this off as another failed feature film...

I've been busting my tail off to try and redeem myself for allowing this post-production to be delayed for such a long period of time.

Below is the new teaser and the "Making Of" montage.

I am very close to completion...yet again...so I thought I'd show some progress leading up to its ...Read more

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Jeanne's workshop and then some...Just READ IT!

Wow, it's been a while.

Alright, let's get this bloggin' started...

Jeanne Hartman is an incredible teacher and coach.  Should I stop there?  I wish I could.  I can't seem to say enough about the workshop and her tutelage over the past weekend.  I felt like I had lost an edge when I came back to Hong Kong, I was always feeling low and not confident in my abilities.  But all it took was someone to challenge me like Jeanne and my classmates did for me to realize it was just tu...Read more

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YO! I'm Back!!!!!!!

Yup...back to Hong Kong...

I spent the last 3 months in hibernation to tie up my loose ends back in Toronto.  And needless to say, there was a lot of ends to tie up, least of which was my film, Buck Wild. 

I hit the ground running when I got back to TO, recut my film and assembled a slew of incredibly talented artists from around the world to help with the score of my film and turned out better than I anticipated.  I had musicians from Ireland, New York, London, and allover Toronto working tirelessly so I can complete...Read more

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Back in T.O.

Firstly, I wanted to say that I know I should've wrote a blog before I left but it was a busy week...but now that I'm back home in Toronto, I have a lot of things to take care of since I've been neglecting all my responsibilities here since I left for HK...

Now that's out of the way...

This site has been very helpful for me in several ways and I can't thank the people who encouraged me to sign up enough.  I will probably log on here periodically but won't have much to  blog about since like I said earlier,...Read more

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Beat Walkers Pt. 2

Here we go again...another run-in with them Beat Walkers that wander around harassing the general public...just 'cause they can...

It's unbelievable how unlucky I am with these patrolmen and women but it certainly isn't as bad as an incident involving my colleague's sister, of which I will get to in a bit...

I sat at a park in North Point for no apparent reason except to sit down and talk to myself...err, I mean talk to my camera...seriously, it was my camera I was talking to as part of my daily journal of m...Read more

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Time's a tickin'...

My countdown has officially begun as it is less than a month that I will be 22,000 feet in the air and on my way back to better part of North America...

I've been here for several months now and it has definitely been worth my while although I haven't been able to accomplish exactly what I wanted to do when i first set foot on this land, I still feel optimistic about my direction.

Read more

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My last days of 26...

The countdown started on Saturday...and I had a couple people making sure I knew they were going to make my birthday away from home be one that I would remember and enjoy...

My sister, Juliana and my now good friend May aka Koora...

They were absolutely incred...Read more

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It's 7 days and counting til another year of my Lo-Life is tacked on...

and for the first time in my life, I will be celebrating my birthday without my family (except my sister) and away from home...

This is worse than never having your birthday during the school year and especially in my case, it's before the public holiday (Labour Day in Canada) that marks the "back to School" week...my classmates were never allowed to come to my party b/c their parents want them to prepare for school...(yeah, boo...Read more

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Walking the beat...

First off this blog isn't about music, I'm sorry...it's about PEOPLE who walk the beat...

I've been amazed with the number of policemen and women that walk the beat on the street I work on...Some days I walk by 8-9 cops on my way to work from Tin Hau station, (which is about a 3 minute walk) who are standing around chit-chatting and stopping people to ask for ID...

In Toronto, ...Read more

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What the JUNK?

Sooooo...2 weeks ago, a friend and colleague of my sister, the Mascordian (as I call him), met some people on facebook, who by the way are HK locals, at some party, where he met his on-again, off-again, piece of ass, Pooh....her name's not actually Pooh, I'm just hiding her identity since I don't have her permission to use her real name...although, unless you're an idiot or just straight-up deprived, I'm totally giving it away by calling her Pooh... 

So anyways, these peeps he met invited him and whoever he can get ...Read more

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"If dreaming is a sin, I'm going straight to hell..."

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