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Long time since my last post....

Been busy lately prepping for this short film.  In the process of casting, take a look at the casting breakdown below and if you see a fit, shoot us an email!




                                                  CASTING BREAKDOWN

                FILM TITLE: Shades of Rogue                  DURATION: 28 MINUTES (SHORT FILM)

                DIRECTOR:Thomas Lo           ...Read more

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Two days I'll never get back...not that I want it back...I just won't....'cause it's over...right?

I am grateful for the past two days spent with Jeanne Hartman in her class. It's always a joy to see her as she always seems to find a different way to challenge me. This time playing a suicidal Colonel and then tackling one of my weaker links in comedy. Thanks to her, I made a few ppl in class laugh! Ok, maybe it was that stupid look I had on my face but whatever the case, they laughed!Speaking of which, it was great to see the f...Read more

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The day I knew I was not super.

I think I speak for most when I say that ever since I could remember, I thought I’d become some sort of superhero when I got older.  You know, like if some really ugly looking insect bit me and I’d become one of them but like a human-sized one.  Or if I got attacked by some beastly animal while I walked back home from school and through the woods, I’d lay there dead with my body torn to pieces while the power within me brings me back to life.  That was what I thought.  

One day, I’d be in the same league as the Ninja T...Read more

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Yeah, I'm back bloggin'...


It’s been a while, huh?  I’m sorry for not boring you with my BLOGGING in the recent months…it’s been pretty crazy and soooooooo much to do…

Anyway, a quick recap on what you’ve been missing and I’ve been experiencing…

•    Got my website up (not completely done but it’s something…); check it out if you have a chance but don’t expect to be blown away, alright?  Promise?  Cool.  Here’s the link: www.i-kandyproductions.com

•   ...Read more

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Memories of a workshop...

It's been about a year now...

Wow, how time has just flown by...just like that and Jeanne Hartman is back!

I remember last year, her workshop opened so many doors for me both figuratively and creatively speaking.  Her encouragement after her workshop was what gave me more confidence in my "pursuit of happyness".  First off, the workshop itself, although blogged about before, is such an incredible experience and a great tool that artists within the film/TV industry should take advantage of.

Jeann...Read more

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WTF is Cocktail Definition?

Well, well, well...that subject line worked pretty well didn't it? 

I've finally got the video online for your viewing pleasure...and I do mean viewing pleasure because the sound is not worth talking about...just turn it up just in case you miss a line or two...

A reminder, just in case you were unaware, this was the 48 hour film project.

Elements given:

  • Character: Edwin or Eva Lai, hairdresser

  • Prop: Lychee martini

  • Line of dialogue: "What's ...Read more

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48 HFP...Cocktail Definition...


Just got the news...

Spontaneous Combustion just won a few awards with our film, "Cocktail Definition"!!

Unfortunately we didn't get any one of the top prizes but did for the following:

Best Directing

Best Acting

Best Screenplay

Not bad for a team with a bunch of first time filmmakers and actors!  This is a great way for us to close the book on a great adventure...a 48 hour one...well, 60-something i...Read more

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As some of you already know, I have been working on my project Love Hurts for a while now and I am happy to announce that we will be beginning our casting process in the coming weeks!!!

Below is the posting for the roles I am looking to fill.  Please have a read through and respond through the following email along with your headshot and resume:


I want to find diamonds in the rough so if you think you have talent but...Read more

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48 hrs. and the days that have gone by...

Hey people...it's been a long f-ing time since my last blog...and I apologize for that...although it's been for good reasons but I should not neglect my blog for as long as I did...so here goes with the days that have gone by without a word from me...

I have done absolutely nothing. 

I hope you enjoyed that...


Come again.

Okay, seriously, here we go...

For the past month or so, after my big birthday party that my GF threw for me, things have been moving...Read more

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Time to talk...

Hey guys and gals, people of all ages and races…it’s been a while since my last blog, so many things have happened and not sure where to begin…


Okay, let’s start with a posting on AnD I did about a month or so ago.  I had just finished writing a short film and wanted to direct it but I needed more resources than I had at my disposal so I decided to use this site to find some helpful hands.  But to my chagrin, my posting received approximately three responses from two different people.  I was not impressed, to say the leas...Read more

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"If dreaming is a sin, I'm going straight to hell..."

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