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YO! I'm Back!!!!!!!

Yup...back to Hong Kong...

I spent the last 3 months in hibernation to tie up my loose ends back in Toronto.  And needless to say, there was a lot of ends to tie up, least of which was my film, Buck Wild. 

I hit the ground running when I got back to TO, recut my film and assembled a slew of incredibly talented artists from around the world to help with the score of my film and turned out better than I anticipated.  I had musicians from Ireland, New York, London, and allover Toronto working tirelessly so I can complete my project.  And then having my sound mixer spend 3 sleepless nights to give me a final mix 2 days prior to my flight back to HK.

The plan was to have it all done before I got back here but as my luck would have it, my hard drive blew and I lost 1.5 TB of data.  All of my previous work and current work all wiped out...and lucky me, it was at the best moment: a day before my flight and right when I was opening my editing program and about to place my final mix onto my timeline in to complete the film. 

And because I'm so smrt, (yes, SMRT), I didn't back my stuff up.  So I said bye to that after I spent the next 6 hours looking for a technician in the city to retrieve my data but when 3 of the 6 that knew what to do told me that they can't do anything to help me with the time restraint I gave them, I knew I was in for a long plane ride to HK.

So where now? Back to square one...brought my raw footage and ready to start again.

Life lesson: Back your SH*T up...so you don't hear the echoes of "I told you so"...from the people that told me so...

I'll be back to blog again but I thought I'd let y'all know that I AM BACK!!!

BTW I just shot a mini-doc, "Making of" for a TVB ad campaign...my first day was the day after I got back...holy jet-lag Batman...but I'll tell you more next time...

Happy New Year!! Gung Hei Fat Choi!!

Good to be back!

Be Cool and Stay Lo...


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welcome back to hong kong!! didn't think u'd be back there so soon but good stuff!! and it only took you a day to get a job! props~ ; ] I feel you on your unfortunate loss of 1.5 TB of data! I just lost an hour's worth of footage for my final doc project when I returned a camera with my tape in it.....so instead of I told u so i'm hearing 'you're just straight up retarded'....sigh. anyhow... gung hei fat choi! wish u a prosperous year of the ox! peace*
about 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
oh man ... that sucks! make sure to backup often!!
about 11 years ago
Wise words... ;) (sorry bout yer lost stuff)
about 11 years ago


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