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Yeah, I'm back bloggin'...


It’s been a while, huh?  I’m sorry for not boring you with my BLOGGING in the recent months…it’s been pretty crazy and soooooooo much to do…

Anyway, a quick recap on what you’ve been missing and I’ve been experiencing…

•    Got my website up (not completely done but it’s something…); check it out if you have a chance but don’t expect to be blown away, alright?  Promise?  Cool.  Here’s the link: www.i-kandyproductions.com

•    Brought onboard a local vet in the HK film industry to help me produce my baby, Love Hurts.

•    Lost my virginity…PHEW!  

•    Wrote six short films (hoping to shoot one of them in the coming months!)

•    Prepared a couple of biz plans for some things me and my partners want to pursue

•    Joined a gym to shed some extra poundage

•    Basketball practice (about to start a new season!)

•    Wrote new draft of my baby, Love Hurts.

•    Shot another roadshow commercial

•    Watched my beloved Raptors collapse amidst a run to the playoffs…and the upcoming off-season may alter the direction of the team with the impending FA Chris Bosh, likely to seek greener pastures

•    Finally coaxed my best friend from Toronto to call me…after a year and a half…I know, what a prick!  That’s what I said…

•  and a few more things that I can't tell you about...you know, things...

And finally…

JEANNE HARTMAN’s workshop!  Although I was only able to attend the one-day class, I walked away a better man…well, okay, maybe not that far but close enough…I certainly walked away feeling more confident about my abilities as an actor as I took risks that I would NOT take otherwise if it wasn’t within the safety of her classroom. 

Jeannie is a phenomenal teacher, to say the least, but the best thing about her is that she is an even better human being.  The little chats we’ve had and the intimate advices she’s offered ever since our first encounter has been uplifting and motivating.  And sure, it was a beginner’s class and all but I was given the hefty task of acting opposite of a beautiful singer/actress Celina Jade (who btw kicked ass, and just to clarify, she’s not a beginner as you may already know, she was doing a make-up class b/c she apparently missed one due to a sked conflict).  And MAN…was that a tall task or what?  And that was to start the class…seriously, Jeannie, why do you always have to challenge me like that…first time around, I tell you that I can’t seem to figure out body movement in acting and you make me act out a scene paralyzed from the neck down, and this time, I get Ms Jade in my first workout in a year!?! (It was because I was late, huh?)

Anyway, it was a great class.  Got to work with a couple first-timers and a couple of familiar faces.  It was a good class to be in and certainly appreciate Jason Tobin’s efforts in making this happen for me…oh, and for everyone else, I guess, with the whole Jeannie-in-HK thing but he knows what I’m talking about…thanks dude!

So beyond that, I’m helping my boss out with his short film, URGE.  You may have seen me post up a casting call for this film and just to clarify, I am NOT directing it. 

My boss, TK, is a well-regarded TVC director in HK and he’s got an itch to make a short film.  So here I am helping him make this happen.  And feel free to ask me about it, I’d love to see more ppl from AnD come out for the auditions.  It’ll be an interesting shoot and aimed for festival circulation so if you want exposure as an actor, here’s another one of those opps! 

Cool?  Cool.

Alright, back to my job.  Hope you enjoyed wasting your time with my life…at least it’s not on my dime.

And a quick shoutout to Derek and Kate, I know they are working on SUPERCAPITALIST right now…GOOD LUCK with everything!

And to Jen Thym with her new gig!  Look forward to watching it!

Alright, I’m out-skis…

Til next time, and god knows when that’ll be…



I didn’t lose my virginity…wait…did I?  I’ll get back to you on this.



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congrats on becoming a man!
about 10 years ago
Tomlo 5a thomaslo
Thanks! Still waiting for confirmation, though...
about 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
welcome back! ya, i'm pretty sure bosh is a goner....
about 10 years ago
Tomlo 5a thomaslo
it might be inevitable but there is some hope...at least I can bank on Colangelo to make some big moves this off-season... Just don't want this to turn as ugly as the VC incident...
about 10 years ago
Photo 154456
Wow you have been busy, no wonder you havent had time to blog. :) As to the lost virginity ... my mom always says if you loss something, go back to the last place where you used it .. lol :p
about 10 years ago
Lady detective with caption
Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, I just can't help wanting to challenge you. Just my craziness! But look what you did. Great work! Ah Hah! I loved working with you again. I know you love writing and directing but acting is in your blood, my friend. So don't forget that! Jeanne
about 10 years ago
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Hey! Long time. Seems like you have been keeping yourself busy. :D I was so gutted to be missing Jeanne's class, AGAIN. Seems like it was just as amazing as her previous classes! I'm waiting for the next round...and hopefully nothing will come up this time! I'd love to find out more about 'Urge'. Shoot me a line. :)
about 10 years ago


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