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Walking the beat...

First off this blog isn't about music, I'm sorry...it's about PEOPLE who walk the beat...

I've been amazed with the number of policemen and women that walk the beat on the street I work on...Some days I walk by 8-9 cops on my way to work from Tin Hau station, (which is about a 3 minute walk) who are standing around chit-chatting and stopping people to ask for ID...

In Toronto, that doesn't happen...Police stop you only when you commit an offense of any sorts but if you mind your own business, they mind theirs.  

The first time I had an encounter with the police in HK was in the club Pi, where they did an inspection.  Wow, was that an experience...About 30 cops, in all shapes and sizes, waltzed right in, turned the lights on and told everyone to shut up as they spread out in the club and stared at people, acting tough...

Honestly, why do they have to act all tough? To make their job mean something? You are being sent out to check IDs, and see if you can bust some people  who are doing what they are not supposed to be doing but I'm sure with ALL the experience they have, they would know that most people are out to have fun...and the goddamn inspection is ruining the night...

Shit, you don't see a bunch of civilians running into their police parties and asking them to provide ID to make sure they are cops...

So I got asked for ID (thus the rant!), and I carry with myself a photocopy of my passport and my Canadian IDs...the officer questioning me, tells me that my photocopy was not an ID, "No shit sherlock, I thought photocopies were originals"...so I pulled my other IDs out to show him, and told him that I had been advised not to bring my passport out in case I lose it...of which I probably would...

This dude, threatens me to bring my passport everyday, everywhere I go...Yeah right, I'm going to do that so you can stop me and check my ID and harass me...and risk losing it just so it's convenient for you?

He walked away after giving me some serious stare...of which I reciprocated...they left after a half hour and I continued to dance the night away...

Now this leads me to this week...

The cops I see along the way to work...3 days in a row, I get stopped to check my ID...Are you kidding me? I honestly think it's the colour of my skin...ok, no joke, not that I'm not Chinese like everyone on this tiny island, I just went to a Junk Trip (check the blog and pics), and I got really tanned...I look like I'm Southeast Asian...not like a tranny but like a Cambodian or something...

I've never been stopped throughout my trip until this week...coincidence? maybe...but I've been checking other people getting stopped...they are ALL DARK PEOPLE!  What the shit?

Why can't they just walk their route and leave people alone...or how about worrying more about drivers who don't stop at stop signs or drivers and bike riders that have total disregard for human life walking or crossing the street?  Saving lives is not finding out if every 8th person you see is a tourist, local, or terrorist...and you can't tell me these Beat Walkers know what a Terrorist looks like...they are not all Osama look-a-likes...

I will be stubborn and continue to carry my photocopy passport, I want to make sure I can go home one day...and to these PEOPLE WHO WALK THE BEAT, learn to walk a different beat b/c the beat you're walking right now makes you look useless...

Staying Lo,


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hahaha... no way, they actually do that?? i'm watching, coincidentally, "on the first beat" right now and they just busted in on a kareoke bar just the way you described. i can't belive they really do that. honestly? nothing better to do? well, i support the photocopied passports they tell you that everywhere you go. it's just common sense, don't carry around your passport, you can get mugged and have your passport sold on the black market to some criminal who wanted by the FBI and trying to make a run for it!!!!! hahaha.... looking forward to hearing more about your battle with HK life... stay outta trouble! =P
about 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
ya, some of the guys in our office have the same problems.
about 12 years ago
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The best actions of this year ... ^^
about 12 years ago
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Geez no wonder the cops always get harassed and abused in HK movies....they set themselves up!! If I were in HK...I would definitely be on the triad side in a gangster-cop throw down, just because of their ridiculous checks. I can't say I've ever been checked for ID in HK...probably because I look like a 14 year old. Seriously, what harm could I do?
about 12 years ago
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love the Tee!
about 12 years ago
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Really? That's terrible. I'm sorry that happened to you.
about 12 years ago


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