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Two days I'll never get back...not that I want it back...I just won't....'cause it's over...right?

I am grateful for the past two days spent with Jeanne Hartman in her class. It's always a joy to see her as she always seems to find a different way to challenge me. This time playing a suicidal Colonel and then tackling one of my weaker links in comedy. Thanks to her, I made a few ppl in class laugh! Ok, maybe it was that stupid look I had on my face but whatever the case, they laughed!Speaking of which, it was great to see the familiar faces and fun to engage with new ones in class. By the end of the two days of intensive teaching and scolding (okay, only Ulf got scolded, haha!) I thought everyone was able to lay it all out when challenged the most. Experienced or not, there were marked improvements in everyone's work under Jeanne's direction, so kudos to all my classmates! Some random thoughts on them:- Tammie showed her talents off again, extremely gifted!- Joe is getting better and better...impressive bro! Keep it up!- Jen...hmm...well there was that connection that she had with Max...- Ulf got his butt put in place a few times, which was really fun to watch because I don't get to see that often enough! haha- Raven was fun to work with in the sit-com scene, very engaging and put on a good show- Sandy, the big man, was absolutely hilarious with his impression of The Rock, it was so good!- Nicole just couldn't stop smiling during her scenes until Jeanne put her into a really dark place...that was interesting..and funny, of course...- Max outperformed my impersonation of Bruce Lee (which was sht, anyway) with his impersonation of Jackie Chan; that was gold!- Ines was incredible in her role opposite Joe, it was probably the toughest roles they both had to ever play and they really impressed!- Suzette did a phenomenal impression of Carrie form Sex in the City, great pleasure to have worked with you!- Betty the Vet was an actor the last two days, great job!- Cedrick probably has the best voice ever...but it was his persistence to improve in class that stood out the most- Ezra, even though just for one day, he rocked the effin' house with the last performance opposite Tammie!- And this is getting long...So to those who I missed, it's not that I don't want to give you my random thought, I'm just lazy...just know that everyone did very well! And maybe if I see you at Jeanne's farewell, I will share with you my "Final Thoughts" like Jerry Springer does. Hope to see you guys when we bid farewell to our coach and mentor, Jeanne, on Sunday! "Until next time, take care of yourself...and each other."A personal thanks to Jason Tobin for putting this together and making this possible for all of us to benefit from such a unique teacher and friend! The two of you have helped me tremendously through the past couple years in more ways than you can imagine. And you guys know what I'm talking about! *wink winkJeanne, you are such a wonderful human being, here's wishing you all the best, safe travels back home to LA, and we'll see you in December! Thanks again for everything! I look forward to the next challenge as I continue to ASK QUESTIONS!

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
nice~! glad you are sticking with it! =D
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