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Not dead for a reason...

Hey (insert your name),

I'm from Canada and left North America for the first time in my life...now I'm in Hong Kong...originally I had planned to stay til July 20th but somehow got an opportunity with a commercial production house here and will need to extend my stay for a few more months...

This is a blessing in disguise because the main reason I am even here, besides visiting my sis (who's working here), is to attempt to sell my movie to a distribution company here in Asia or in Australia.

I'm a film Producer and Actor back in Toronto and wanted to see if I could seek out opportunities on this side of the world beyond just going through the festival route.  As it stands now, my network is pretty small and always looking for people to lead me in the right direction.

The feature film is called Buck Wild (90 minutes, 16mm), a dark-humor comedy about a used-car salesman who loses his job, gets kicked out of his apartment, and ends up sleeping on the lawn of his best friend's mom's house, in a tent.  Shit out of luck, he tries his luck on lottery scratch tickets.  One day on his way to the convenience store, he witnesses a kidnapping happening.  He follows the kidnappers to their place and instead of informing the authorities, he decides to blackmail them to get some money and get his life together...but everything just got even more fucked up...

Even if I am unable to accomplish this goal of selling my movie during my stay here, I would like to see if there are any production companies that would be interested in doing a co-production with my company to make my next film.  I'm always looking for the next opportunity/project to work on and to build relationships with other industry pros...

Contact me if you can help in any way, your assistance will be greatly appreciated...I will try and post some of my work up but if you are interested in seeing it sooner rather than later, click on the following links:



or Facebook me or something...

I am not dead for a reason...and that's to make movies...

Thanks for wasting your time with me, (insert your name),


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