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I'm going to KILL MYSELF!!

I don't know what's wrong with me, maybe I just need to get out more...I swear to you I am going to kill myself one of these days...

I'm not from here and I've only been on this side of the world for a measly 2 or so months...and I've been a wandering nomad for the most part so I've been around...on foot, by the way...

But I can't, for the life of me, seem to look the RIGHT way before I cross the street! I've almost been hit by a truck, bus, taxi, and bikes, on several occasions...I have been trained to look both ways when I'm crossing the street but over in North America, we look LEFT first and then RIGHT, then cross...well, we all grow older and lazier, and after we look LEFT, we take a step before looking RIGHT...well, I found out the hard way, it ain't like that in HK...and even in instances when I do look the RIGHT way, it turns out to be the WRONG way...and again, I almost lose a leg...

Then there's the friggin' intersections with no lights, stop or yield signs...that's a disaster waiting to happen...especially for peeps like me...

Even when there is a STOP sign on the road, it ain't friggin' safe...just this morning, I crossed the street with a "stop" on the road, a taxi came roaring down the road and did not intend to stop until I had "deer in the headlights" look on my face...

I eventually moved when he decided it was better to stop...Holy, mother of something other than someone in religion...what the shit are these drivers thinking?!?

I am officially looking for someone to train me in the "ART OF WALKING IN HONG KONG"...

Please apply within and state how long you have been walking the streets of HK...

Thanks...Hong Kong...for making me live life on the edge...of EVERY STREET!

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it's better in Taiwan. We jwalk,don't look,bang into cars and still live happily ever after.yay.
over 11 years ago
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I HAD THAT PROBLEM TOO!!! Holy crap...at one point I was IN THE CAR and I still felt like my life was gravely in danger. As much as I love HK...I don't think I would last long with the local drivers and pedestrians there. Anyways, maybe you need a professional hand holder and traffic stopper to help you get used to crossing the street. I'd suggest investing in your own traffic cop...they have hand holding experience from arrests and they stop traffic like it's their job. Oh wait..it is. Well...good luck! I hope you will still be around for me to read your funny blogs. Don't die on me now...o.o
over 11 years ago
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you know you'd figure that all the J-walking in chinatown would have trained you to not fear the cars. but i feared for my life everyday when i was in asia too. you know the locals just tell you.... "just keep walking they know how to drive around you, if you stop it messes the up." i don't know who came up with that logic but they must have been on crack or something. just follow the crowds of ppl.... if you're lucky they'll get hit before you and then it won't hurt as much! =P or maybe, my superman can save you! ;D
over 11 years ago
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Leanne (lluu)...wise words cousin, wise words. Who was it that told us that? Ah Fong Yee? Yeah i think it was her. she's CERRRAZY
over 11 years ago
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I totally understand what you are saying! It took me awhile...
over 11 years ago
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Yesterday In North Point, I got spit on by a crazy lady!
over 11 years ago
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hahaha! Trust guy.. I know what u mean. Even for a Hk native like me I occasionally encounter close calls... Especially with taxis and minibuses. Those drivers think they're the next Schumacher. Just keep your eyes on all public transport drivers..they're usually the ones who're most likely to take a limb from u. We'll have a streetwalking HK 101 ; )
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