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Feeling Alive...

I just became an official Artist on here!

Thanks to all those who supported me and vouched for me to become an official Artist!! (Which, by the way, was one person...Philip Ng)...Thanks man...

Obviously the guys on the site, who I had the pleasure of meeting at a "secret" party, felt my inclusion on this site would be beneficial for my career to progress and assisted me in getting this upgrade as soon as I did...(and to be quite honest, it wasn't a "secret" party...Philip just deemed it necessary to sneak us up the shipping elevator and in through the back door, so it felt very secret...)

Quick update on my stay in HK:

I am writing a collection of short films for my boss TK (a commercial director) of which is coming along fairly well...at least I'm happy with the direction it's going towards...

**that's me writing at the office...yeah, writing with music in my ears...it's the ONLY way...

I have met some really helpful filmmakers that are forwarding me to people who could assist my search for a buyer for my feature...(Made in Canada, by the way)

Went to the Macau exhibition game between USA and Turkey...Me being the CRAZY-OBSESSED basketball fan, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all those incredible players on the floor at the same time...CB4 is my man and he will be a difference-maker in Beijing, you can bank on that like a Timmy D bank-shot!  (Oh, and I somehow got those tix for free...a damn Tourist got a hook-up of his lifetime)

Went to Dov Simens' 2-day film school and met Tony Leung Ka Fai...well not really, we actually were neighbours in the washroom...using urinals beside each other...then he walked right by me...ok, I'm a tourist, and I got star-struck...and I wasn't going to start any kind of conversation with him while we're both taking a leak...Oh, and he didn't come back the 2nd day to receive his diploma...what a guy...

The class was pretty useful...especially the second day, when he got to the meaty stuff: financing, marketing, distributing, deal-making, and writing...so that's been helpful...

**Not that this diploma means anything...EXCEPT that I was there for 2 days and not just 1...

I went out for my first audition in HK, I made it through to the call-backs...but I just got the call and I did not get the role...REJECTION #1 in HK out of the way, monkey off my back...hopefully I can score some more auditions and get a different call during the rest of my stay...(The directors actually gave me a slew of compliments, so I am encouraged that I'm not a bad actor...or it could be my delusions taking over)

***After the phone call...

Alright, so there ya have it...first blog as an Artist on AnD...another monkey off my back...shit, at this rate, I'm going to feel light as a feather and HK is going to be full of monkeys by the time I leave...

Peace be with you and also with me...or just me...

Gotta go,


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cool, great first blog, you get the part!
over 11 years ago
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congrats on getting your star! :D
over 11 years ago
WERD! it was pretty cool pretending it was all secret tho, wasn't it? ;) Nice to have you here on this site!
over 11 years ago
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clap clap* yes u do deserve to be an artist how ur trip to HK docu going on...?
over 11 years ago
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im a big basketball fan myself, i used to ball in oklahoma in college...im from montreal...i admire the writing man..ive always dreamed abt taking the time to write some ultimate script where all the lines got some flavor a la Pulp Fiction, then never being able to top it haha
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"If dreaming is a sin, I'm going straight to hell..."

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