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Long time since my last post....

Been busy lately prepping for this short film.  In the process of casting, take a look at the casting breakdown below and if you see a fit, shoot us an email!




                                                  CASTING BREAKDOWN

                FILM TITLE: Shades of Rogue                  DURATION: 28 MINUTES (SHORT FILM)

                DIRECTOR:Thomas Lo                              PRODUCER: Vincent Lam

                AUDITIONDATES:  JUNE 28-30          SHOOT DATE: JULY 19-23


COMPENSATION: Honorarium offered, amount determined by roleCONTACT: Terence Li (wowwowterence@gmail.com) or Mo Cheng (wowwowmo@gmail.com)

Please reply with full name, CV, photos, and the role you are auditioning for


The daughter of HK’s infamous rogue cop and aspiring private investigator, Mable, is at a loss when her father’s old debts lead to the murder of her mother.  With the help of a soon-to-be Inspector and the sage guidance of her God Grandfather, she uncovers a truth she never could’ve imagined,coloring her reality with .

MABLE is a smart kid and possesses an abundant of potential but lacks the drive to be great.  Ever since she was a child, her parents encouraged her with problem solving games and activities.  She proved time and time again that she indeed had a gift for it.  When she lost her father to his own wrongdoing,she blamed everything that has gone wrong in her life on him.  The good girl in her vanished after the death of her father.  She was in full protection mode as everyone they knew instantly despised her and her mother.  

LOK worked with Mable’s father at the Tung Chung district for several months before the grizzly crime. After Tsui On died, he slowly made his presence felt in the family,helping them through the aftermath.  They were struggling to fight off the scorn from family, friends, media, triad creditors, and strangers alike but Lok stood by them and helped out when and where he could.  Unmarried with no children, he’s finally being rewarded for years of hard work in the force with a promotion to Inspector,something he has worked for his entire life but not without sacrifices.   

After her husband’s death, JUN fell into a deep depression.  She couldn’t handle the bullying and scorn from everyone she knew and wanted to lean on during this difficult time.  When Lok started to show up more often to help them out, she would lean on him for strength and advice while Mable started to rebel.  Now her only hope is that Mable can find a good job and lead a better life on her own.  Jun has given up on herself, still deeply entrenched in depression.

This old man was a father figure and mentor to Tsui On.  He and On had a very good relationship that saw them training together when On was getting prepared to be a police officer.  He is a very sensible person with a mysterious past.  His wife passed on many years ago and has lived alone for the better part of his life.  He kept away from the Tsui family as he felt guilty for what had happened to On, taking on the responsibility for what On ended up doing.  

A private investigator who is good at what he does but doesn’t have the look to go with his outstanding skills.  He is overweight, scraggly, an organized mess.  He is divorced, has two young children he doesn’t care for but misses dearly.  Looking for help, he places an ad in the newspaper for an intern who he can groom.  

An old schoolmate of Mable’s, Mun comes from a poor family and rough upbringing that forced him onto the street and hanging with thugs.  He’s a small-time criminal trying to make it up the triad ladder.  Mun isn’t the sharpest tool in the box.

TSUI ON was an introvert who didn’t have many friends.  His personality seem to hold him back in many instances and was to blame for his constant failure to secure a promotion up the ranks even though he was outstanding in several areas in his line of work.  He was killed when he apparently tried to steal another officer’s gun.

Tsui family relative that rudely tells Mable and Jun to leave the wedding

Tsui family relative that asks Mable and Jun nicely not to ruin his big day

Mun’s gangster friends

FLASHBACK to Mable swinging back and forth photo, writing in notebook photo

FLASHBACK to playing chess, shooting paintball gun, trophy photos

FLASHBACK to crime scene; relatives;fighting with Jun; crying alone in the corner

Pointing and talking amongst themselves as Mable walks by; all in school uniform

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