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As some of you already know, I have been working on my project Love Hurts for a while now and I am happy to announce that we will be beginning our casting process in the coming weeks!!!

Below is the posting for the roles I am looking to fill.  Please have a read through and respond through the following email along with your headshot and resume:


I want to find diamonds in the rough so if you think you have talent but haven't had the opportunity, this is your chance to prove yourself...I welcome all interested parties to come and blow me away with your performance!  I am open to re-writing roles if you show me that you're worth it!

Look forward to seeing you in the audition room!

SYNOPSIS: Jack, a sex addict who fantasizes about his wife all the time, is duped into a threesome with a young colleague of his and her fiancée.  In order to keep his marriage together, Jack sacrifices everything he has to make it up to his love.  He is out to prove to her that their love is powerful enough to keep them together, especially when it hurts.


JACK             (lead) Male, mid-late 30’s, English speaker, Any Race

Not a particularly good or strong looking guy; mild introvert, quirky and energetic. His world revolves only around him and his wife Annie. In his mind, sex is a big part of his relationship with her. Annie finds out about his infidelity and leaves him. But it is his fight and desire to keep his marriage together that defines his value as a husband, and it is his sacrifice that portrays how selfless he is in the face of love. In terms of character, Caveh Zahedi in “I’m a Sex Addict” is comparable, especially with the quirkiness.

ANNIE            (lead) Female, Bi-Racial, Early to mid 30's, Bi-lingual in English and Cantonese

A strong woman, high on values, morals, and routine; anything out of the ordinary of her routine makes her uncomfortable. Possesses a lot of motherly qualities in terms of her relationship with Jack.

ALEXIS            (lead) Female, Asian, 20’s, Bi-lingual in English and Cantonese

Young, attractive, naïve and selfish in nature; adventurous in many ways but more so sexually. Alexis has been spoiled all her life, she can be ignorant of other’s feelings when she wants something. Her personality pales in comparison to her physical attributes.

MARK           (lead) Male, Asian, 20’s, Cantonese Speaker

Young, handsome; a genuine being that is often seen as the quiet guy. Mark is also a passive individual; he makes most of his decisions based on his emotion. But because of his obedient nature, his decisions are often pushed by someone else, hence constantly being pushed around by his girlfriend Alexis.

NATHAN        (supporting) Male, Caucasian, mid-late 30’s, English Speaker

Witty and humorous.  He was roommate of Jack’s in university in the UK, and now is boss in Hong Kong. A very easy going, responsible, and caring person, which he chooses to hide with his sarcasm.

CATHY    (supporting) Female, Asian or Eurasian, 20’s, Bi-lingual in Cantonese and English

A classic good girl, young, and sometimes passive. Cathy is Annie’s cousin on her mother’s side, and a close friend and coworker of Alexis. Her choices and decisions, although logical, are not always considered the right one to make. Through the mistakes she makes, Cathy learn to take her share of responsibility, but not until everything has gone out of control.

GEORGE        (Minor) Male, Caucasian, 50’s-60’s, Bi-lingual in Cantonese and English

A grumpy old man who dislikes his son-in-law.  Has a strained relationship with his daughter, Annie.  He is an educated man who has been working in China his entire professional career and married a Chinese woman, Stella.  Has been living in Shanghai for past several years.

STELLA        (Minor) Female, Asian, 50’s-60’s, Cantonese Speaker

A stereotypical mother who cares more about her child than anything else, including her husband.  She has been a perfect role model for Annie throughout her life and is always supportive no matter the situation.  She keeps the family together.

JACKIE        (Minor) Female, Caucasian, 50’s-60’s, English Speaker

Jack’s mom.  She never stayed in touch with Jack since his first year in university.  She pays a visit when she finds out Jack is in the hospital.

THERAPIST    (Minor) Male, Any race, 40’s-50’s, English Speaker

A marriage and sex therapist who counsels Jack.

DOCTORS (3)    (Minor) Male, Asian, 40’s, Cantonese Speaker

            Doctor #1 – Performs surgery

            Doctor #2 – Physician that Annie visits

            Doctor #3 – Dr. Lau, a doctor at a hospital

WOMAN        (minor) Female, Any race, 20’s, English Speaker

A sexy woman who has a one-night stand with Jack.

EXTRAS        Any race, 20’s-30’s

            Nurse (3) – 2x Performs surgery; 1x Working at clinic

            Jill (30’s-40’s)- Nathan’s wife

            Colleagues (3) – walking into work; one has a line of dialogue


            Club-goers (10-15) – Dancing on the dance floor

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
good luck with this project!
over 10 years ago
Photo 87684
I could do Mark , that sound pretty much like me, however I am a foreigner and you can hear that when I am talking.
over 10 years ago
Yungyungyu 9f image
re-writing roles, thomas? wow... hahahaha.... ok! I want an indian as Alexis. hahaha... j/k. great job, partner! Right on! How was the screening?
over 10 years ago


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