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An injection and collect blood 注射と採血

Tomorrow,It will be the practical examination of the basic nursing.

It is intramuscular injection and collect blood.

I do not really stab a person with the needle.

However, I am tense because it is an examination.

Because My character that be tense immediately, I shook a hand while I practiced today...





但是因为...Read more

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My university is a test weeks now.

I must study!!!!

Of course it is the sake of the future A nurse national examination.

However, there is a reason one more.

It is a reexamination.

If the mark of the test is bad, I must take a reexamination.

It have the retest in a summer vacation.

And it takes a rate of 3,000 Japanese yen per one subject.

Though I must study, a motivation is not given at all…

I will have a test of nursing for children(小児看護学) and nursing for aged(老年...Read more

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The first blog

As for me, only Jackie Chan knew the Chinese movie and music in a childhood.

However, movies of the Wong Ka-wai were popular in Japan when I am a junior high student.From the time, I was interested in an Asian entertainment except Japan.

However, these information is not in Japan very much.

A Korean entertainment is popular in recent Japan. (Led by the woman of the old and middle age)

But the Asian entertainment is still minor in Japan.

Therefore I wanted to know various information and participated...Read more

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I love Hong Kong,Chinese and Taiwanese movie and music.

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