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In a "limbo"

hi everyone... well, i don't think anyone noticed that i've been away from this site for quite awhile...

i know... i know... i've been bad and have not replying those who drop me a msg... SORRY!!! Thank you for those who left me msg!! thank you for all your concern ^_^

Hmm... being in my 30's (now 32 to be exact), i have been trying to redirect my focus and try to lift up a positive enforcement in my life. however, to be frankly... i found it pretty hard. My motivation is like roller coaster... sometimes is all the up there but most of the times i found it all the day down the hill.... this would usually lead me to withdrawn myself from any activity and from people... huh sigh... i guess i'm in a limbo right now.

I keep remind myself to live to the fullest potential... but... well, that is not easy hehehe...

i keep allowing time slipping away in front of me just like that and at the end of the day realizing that i've done almost nothing except work.... isn't that sad?? when i was young, i was thinking of myself to be someone who could be actively helping people out and be someone who can have an impact in other people life. As i'm looking at myself now, i'm far from that image.

huh sigh... whining is not an answer for sure hehehe... have anyone of you experiancing what i'm experiancing right now?


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I think I've felt something similar as you feel. I think most of us go through a few of these moments during our lifetime. Does it feel like you don't know what's your purpose? Do you feel as if you're missing something...or that there must be something more to life than what you're currently doing? Well, I hope you will find something that will satisfy you for a time. Most of us are constantly on that search. Take cares!
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yea, I agree with Peachey... I think I'm actually experiencing that right now... I'm not sure where I want to go with my life... although I may seem content now, actually internally I feel a need for change... but I don't know... I'm looking at myself now and I tell myself everytime, I don't want to be like this forever... I guess we just gotta take the steps and try to find our direction... it's tough...
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i noticed u've been gone... finally u're back i know waht u're experiencing.. it's just a phase
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Hey girl welcome back...going through same thing you have...without my son home not thing is same any more
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That basically sums up my life as well...so sad...work work then more work ...all I look forward to is the 2 hours before I go to sleep because thats when I get to watch TV...sad so sad... Is this how life is suppose to be??? I don't have kids so my focus is about nothing really...just make sure bills are paid...mortgage is paid...work...sleep..eat... I'm sorry...I'm no help :p But I wanna tell you I'm glad I'm not the only one :)
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You're just a bit younger than me, but yup - I think we're just at the age where it's natural to go through this phase. Good friends and family will help, you'll find your path again.
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