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That's soo Audrey

Hello again friends.. I was happy to hear that someone wanted me to do another Hepburn piece. This was the result.

I know I have neglected AnD and not posted often, for that I am truely sorry. I have been mega busy.

I am still trying to land a show here in LA. I don't think im doing it right, so my stuff will go up in...Read more

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Rei AkA Vampy AkA Linda Le

Special thanks to Linda Le for letting me paint her for this piece. Make sure you check her site out.




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Wow, this blog needs some serious updating

Yeah... im behind. I will blow this place up in the next few days with what I have been up to...


Oh and




HAPPPPPPPY BDAY to all those I get emails for everyday.

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My Own Site

I have finally created a site to hold my portfolio and a link to my store. Feel free to sign up with the mailing list to get updates on new pieces and what I am up towww.stevie-dv.com:)

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im on fire

I have been working hard painting all week and have finished another piece18x24" on canvas

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back at it again

Almost done

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New work by me :)

Here we go again. I have ran into more time to paint so I will be taking advantage of that. here is a piece I did that really shows how influenced I am by my 2 favorite artists Audrey Kawasaki and Yoskay Yamamoto. I hope you like it. It is availalbe in my store.www.artofsteviedv.bigcartel.com[![](/attachments/2009/06/21/04/268266_200906210419301.thumb.jpg)](/bat...Read more

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Yoskay Yamamoto

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Tease prints are now officially in

Tease prints after a tedious adventure to get them made are in. They look better then expected. Here is an iphone pic of the print measuring 12 x 15"

Dont mind the glare as it is in a hard plastic case, which comes with every one. The price is $35, FREE SHIPPI...Read more

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March 14, 2009 is going to be a huge one!

I have a show coming up at Fly or Die in Westwood (3rd time). It is going to be HUGE as shoe artist Sole Junkie will be releasing his book at the show.

As a thank you to Fly or Die I am working on a piece for them to have for their gallery. I hope they like it, it is done.....

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Booked up for commissions, thanks for the interest. www.Stevie-Dv.com


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October 9, 2008