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Pandora's door< Re blogged>

As darkness meets the earth,

You can see,

Reflections of how humans use to be.

Tall buildings hanging over head,

Big cities ,

So, big to hide the sun, now dead.

Floating above the ground,

I hear faint whispers,

Small little sounds.

Oh, much sadness,

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Sorry I have been unatintive I been on facebook with my two sons allot. I am not even on Mabinogi now more  I just sit on facebook and play with my 67 or so friends + my two sons.. So if you want plz add me and enjoy some cool Peeps on Facebook and here :)


Love ya and Miss ya



Jeanne Burtchell

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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
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Visions can be distorted some times.Not often we seem to have them and yet some people seem to live them everyday. Visions can be good, but most of the time they for tell of a really bad event about to accrue. What do you do when the vision you see nightly happens, always playing it self out over and over as if a bad record skipping in time? Would you try to put you self in the vision and change the scenery just enough to off set the vision from accruing as it did the nights before? Or would you slowly allow you self to go mad from them, powe...Read more

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start with on kiss~~Poem not for minors

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Takeshi Kaneshiro

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVZUxYIy3jI 金城 武 is an Okinawan family name and is a popular surname[1]. In Kanji, 金城 is and 武 is ( Read more

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Okay no more poetry and no more blogs.. If you wish to know anything.. just ask me. For I am tired of trying to please everyones taste. I am not a robot I am a human.. and like all humans I am not perfect..



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11 hours working gets you thinking

They say life is what you make it to be. This is what we are told since day one in life. They failed to say.. that life will not be this way for many years. They did not warn us that for 18 to 20 years, that our lives were shared by those who brought us into the world and shared by those we meet along the way. They failed to tell us we had to edure what another person learns in life, or that the one did not count for the many. What our parents, brothers, sisters, our families, friends of family, our friends, and peo...Read more

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I am still sick but I have a suprise for my friends and fans

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uENYx3derpE Missing.. Poem as told by me.. my poem Missing

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Drown-Poem by Jeanne :P me

Full of hidden emotions I walk into the darkend sea..

Waiting for you to come rescue me..

The cold waters rise and fall..

In-gulfed I want it all..

This wait is eternal and will always go on..

Even when the world crumbles into the sea each dawn..

Awake my love that hides deep inside..

Before my last breath, before I die..

My he...Read more

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For every beauty there's an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there's an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there's a heart somewhere to receive it


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January 25, 2008