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Jeanne Burtchell

Pandora's door< Re blogged>

As darkness meets the earth,

You can see,

Reflections of how humans use to be.

Tall buildings hanging over head,

Big cities ,

So, big to hide the sun, now dead.

Floating above the ground,

I hear faint whispers,

Small little sounds.

Oh, much sadness,

Oh, so sad,

Too Bad to bad.

For they were told before,

Not to be so greedy,

Not to open Pandora's door.

What lay-ed behind the door,

Humans never more.

So, now I find my self floating, into tears,

that now fills the sky,

free from pain and fear.

Wondering where heaven's door lies.

And my heart will beat, never more,

All because we had to look be-yawn the Pandora's door.



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Sorry I have been unatintive I been on facebook with my two sons allot. I am not even on Mabinogi now more  I just sit on facebook and play with my 67 or so friends + my two sons.. So if you want plz add me and enjoy some cool Peeps on Facebook and here :)


Love ya and Miss ya

Jeanne Burtchell

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Visions can be distorted some times.Not often we seem to have them and yet some people seem to live them everyday. Visions can be good, but most of the time they for tell of a really bad event about to accrue. What do you do when the vision you see nightly happens, always playing it self out over and over as if a bad record skipping in time? Would you try to put you self in the vision and change the scenery just enough to off set the vision from accruing as it did the nights before? Or would you slowly allow you self to go mad from them, powerless to stop them, and yet something deep in side you begs for it all to end?

If you are flying in your dream, do you stop and think I can not fly? If you do that, how fast after the thought do you fall back to earth, hitting trees or buildings?

When you find your self in your dream can you use reason to over ride the dream that you are having. Can you fight your dream? If you can find away to fight your dream, would you? What are the powers of our own minds; what can we do to gain power in our dreams? And if we do gain power over dreams, how does that change our behavīor in the waking world?


This is the new scrīpt I find my self writing. I am not sure why I chose this or if it chose me. But I have a feeling it will play it's self out in an unusual way. Seems that my life has brought me to such a story to tell. This I know will take some time. So, I may write here and there. If I do not write at all please know I am working my heart out.

Wish you all the best... No worries I am watching you all from afar. Know that I love each of you. Please stay happy and focused on your destinies. I am only a heart beat away.



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start with on kiss~~Poem not for minors

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Takeshi Kaneshiro

Video: 金城 武 is an Okinawan family name and is a popular surname[1]. In Kanji, 金城 is and 武 is ( given name), with Japanese readings. He appears as 金城 武 ( ) on Japanese media. As for Chinese surname, 金城 (Jīnchéng), double-character surname, is rare in the Chinese language. In the credit shown in movies, his name often appears as 金城 武 [2] (neither 金城武 nor 金 城武).


edit] Biography

With a Tawainese mother and a Japanese father from Okinawa, Kaneshiro was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, and is a Japanese citizen ( nationality). [3]

He has two brothers (one 7 years older and one 1 year older). In a recent interview in Hong Kong, 23 Dec 2007, Takeshi Kaneshiro mentioned that he has one elder brother. [4] After being bullied at a regular Taiwanese high school, the Gaoxong Preparatory School, over his mixed heritage, he enrolled at English-based Taipei American School, which enabled him to converse in English, making him effectively multi-lingual considering his fluency in Mandarin, Taiwanese ( Min Nan) (his first-spoken language), and Japanese. As a result of his varied background, Kaneshiro can speak with varying degrees of fluency in English, Taiwanese ( Min Nan), Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese. It was while he was studying there that he began doing TV commercials, and he decided to quit school in order to pursue a singing and acting career.


edit] Career

In 1992, Kaneshiro made his singing debut, entering the business with the nickname Aniki, meaning 'older brother' in Japanese. His debut album was (1992). Contracted to EMI, he wrote many of his own Mandarin and Cantonese songs. The following year, his popularity propelled him into acting and he no longer produces any commercial music. He later stated that acting comes to him more naturally, while his singing capabilities are not up to scratch and best left to the "professionals," including his favorite singer Jackie Cheung. Kaneshiro maintains that singing is only his hobby.

His first movie was (1993) and this was followed by the critically acclaimed Wong Kar-Wai film (1994) and a string of other Hong Kong movies. Later, Kaneshiro starred in the highly successful Japanese TV mini-series (1998), allowing him to branch into Japanese movies such as (2002). Kaneshiro's work, however is more heavily concentrated in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. He also became well known in the video game industry portraying the samurai warrior, Samanosuke, in the Capcom hit, Onimusha. In a June 2007 article on the movie site Ain't It Cool News, it was revealed that Takeshi Kaneshiro will be in the Onimusha movie, reprising his role as Samanosuke. [5] This, however, has not been confirmed by Kaneshiro nor his agency.

Kaneshiro is often praised for having "chameleon-like" acting skills due to his ability to adapt to a wide variety of roles. He became a superstar playing oddball and forlorn characters and has proven impossible to typecast. Director Peter Chan, of the Chinese musical Perhaps Love, which Kaneshiro starred in, has been quoted as saying "I am willing to exchange my 11 nominations for the nomination of Takeshi for Best Actor award. My greatest regret is Takeshi Kaneshiro wasn't nominated." Despite this, he continued to receive rave reviews for a spectacular performance of a vulnerable yet angry and ultimately maturing character.

Outside of the entertainment business, Kaneshiro has acted as a spokesperson and model for Prada in Asia (1998) as well as Lifecard credit card company, Honda, Sundiro Motorcycles, Lipice lips moisturizer, SonyEricsson, Pocari Sweat soft drink, Morinaga chocolate, Volvic, GEOS language school, Petronas oil company, Mitsubishi, Rice Burger, One2Free (HK), and Kiwi cold drink.

About his personal life Kaneshiro has been quoted as saying “If one day I get married and have kids, I will probably be one of those men who really care for the family. I will eat at home everyday, and help with the chores and take care of the children.” [6]


edit] Filmography


edit] Movies

*(2009) Samanosuke Akechi *(2009) as Kong Lin *(2009) *(2008) as Zhuge Liang *(2008) as Jing Yip - The Death God *(2007) as Jiang Wuyang *(2006) as Bong *(2005) (Titled for the Japanese release) *(2004) (Titled for the Japanese release) *(2003) *(2002) *(2000) *(2000) *(1999) as Tarzan (Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese version) *(1999) *(1998) *(1998) *(1998) *(1998) *(1997) *(1997) *(1997) *(1997) *(1996) *(1996) *(1996) *(1996) *(1995) *(1995) *(1995) *(1995) *(1995) - as He Zhiwu *(1995) *(1994) *(1994) *(1994) *(1994) *(1994) - as He Zhiwu, Cop 223 *(1993)


edit] Drama

[ edit] Japan

*(2002) (Japanese: ゴールデンボウル) *(2000) (Japanese: 二千年の恋) *(1998) (Japanese: 神様、もう少しだけ) *(1995) (Japanese: 聖夜の奇跡)

[ edit] Hong Kong


[ edit] Taiwan



edit] Discography


edit] Albums






Heartbreaking Night


Philips, Polygram

Mandarin album (Release date: September 1992)


Just You and Me


Philips, Polygram

Mandarin album (Release date: June 1993)


Reliable Best Friend



Mandarin album (Best of 1992-1993) (Release date: 1993)


Tender Superman


Philips, Polygram

Mandarin album (Release date: February 1994)


Ideal Lover



Mandarin album (Release date: December 1994)


Missed Date



Cantonese album (Release date: December 1994)


For My Beloved



Cantonese album (Release date: June 1995)


Secretly Drunk



Mandarin album (Release date: October 1995)


No Matter How Hard



Mandarin album (Release date: October 1996)



(精選集 Memories)


Mandarin album (Release date: 1996)


Best Collection



Mandarin album (Release date: 1998)


edit] Movie Soundtracks



Track Featuring Takeshi



Perhaps Love (如果愛)

No.4 Forgot Who I am (忘了我是誰) (duet with Zhou Xun 周迅),

No.6 Beautiful Story (美麗故事) (duet with Ji Jin Hee 池珍熙),

No.10 Crossroad (十字街頭) (duet with Zhou Xun 周迅),

No.11 What If (假如) (Solo)

Mandarin album (Release date: 2005)


edit] Videogames

*(2001) (VG) *(2004) (VG)




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Okay no more poetry and no more blogs.. If you wish to know anything.. just ask me. For I am tired of trying to please everyones taste. I am not a robot I am a human.. and like all humans I am not perfect..



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11 hours working gets you thinking

They say life is what you make it to be. This is what we are told since day one in life. They failed to say.. that life will not be this way for many years. They did not warn us that for 18 to 20 years, that our lives were shared by those who brought us into the world and shared by those we meet along the way. They failed to tell us we had to edure what another person learns in life, or that the one did not count for the many. What our parents, brothers, sisters, our families, friends of family, our friends, and people we some times never see but are often there..we share their lives, hopes, dreams, night mares, ect. And when you are 0-22 years old, you have no choice except live in it.

Then when we do find our lives is finaly there for us to mold it to what we want. All you see is darkness, because you are trying to figure out where to start.  Then you reflect on things you seen, things you heard, people you lost, love that was never really there, ect.. And you find a few more years have passed you by trying to sort out the shit others left behind.

This is what our youths of today are going through.

When I was working today I started thinking about my talk with my friend next door last night. Two random souls and yet we seen almost exact lives. I am a few more years older then her. Last night I became her mentor, her guide through the darkness, that I already came from. At first thought I was like.. I do not know if I can. So, today at work I started to see what made me change, the thoughts that I had, the dreams I wanted for my self..but kept putting them off to help others..

Really the only thing I can do for her is give her a clearer way to think. The above thoughts are thoughts I had all my life.. they are the sum of what made it possible to continue to be who I am and not what the darkness desired me to be..

Who knows if I am right.. but who also knows my ways are wrong. Are we not our own guides at some point.


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I am still sick but I have a suprise for my friends and fans

Video: Missing.. Poem as told by me.. my poem Missing

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Drown-Poem by Jeanne :P me

Full of hidden emotions I walk into the darkend sea..

Waiting for you to come rescue me..

The cold waters rise and fall..

In-gulfed I want it all..

This wait is eternal and will always go on..

Even when the world crumbles into the sea each dawn..

Awake my love that hides deep inside..

Before my last breath, before I die..

My heart beats only for you, my love..

Please come down from above..

How was I to know you did not live now..

My sarrows in this ocean, I now drown..

My eyes grow dark as my lungs grow weak..

This love I still have makes life bleek..

For with out you here with me now..

My love Knows no end even as I drown..




You come up with the wierdest poems while jogging

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