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Okay, continue from my last blog.  It was last Wed, the 2nd day of Fafa's visit...

Iwoke up early to attend a conference call with Netherlands and then did some work.  WHH went to Lincoln Park to pick up our 6-ppl rental and we set off to pick up Fafa and David.  Due to miscommunication and traffic, they were at Hancock bldg when we got to their hotel, so we had to go to Hancock to pick them up.  WHH's mom thought that they should have hurried up...

It was again a great day and less ...Read more

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Cruise & Aquarium

So, back to last week.  Monday both me and WHH had to work full-day, so WHH's parents just went to visit the museums and walked around the loop area by themselves.  At night, we brought them to Maggiano's to try the big-ass Italian dishes there.

Tuesday I woke up really early to go to work and came back at 1pm.  Fafa and David were here!    They checked into the wrong hotel -- I booked the Courtyard closer to me, but they went to the Courtyard near the Magnificent Mile.  Luck...Read more

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Catch Up & Carlos'

I am so sorry that i haven't written here for more than 2 weeks!  i've been extremely busy with work, festivals, events, and family and friends' visits.  Both WHH's parents and my best friend Fafa and her boyfriend came to visit in the past week, and with work and lots of sightseeingat the same time, i'm both physically and mentally tired.  But i was very happy also!  i wish that they can stay for longer... or better if Fafa and David can move to Chicago (from HK).  Oh and also i'm so congested and brok...Read more

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Hot Set #3

Came home earlier today, and watched the filming from home.  Then, when WHH came home at around 8pm, we decided to go to the filming site.  We were there and saw Johnny Depp for like 2 minutes and then they cleared the crossroad of all pedestrians. Read more

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Hot Set #2

Remember that over the Memorial Day weekend, WHH and I went to the hot set for Johnny Depp’s new movie?  When we returned from the “set”, I was joking to WHH about how the movie should come to shoot at the Maggiano’s next to our building, because it looks so oldie without any renovation anyway.  We joked that the movie crew, include Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, can dine at the ultra popular Frontera Grill (just a block from my building) after the filming, and then they can come to our place to play Wii together.  And, you know what just happ...Read more

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Got my review today.

Like every year, my review is full of praises for the quality of my work and how my teammates like me and how strong my analytical skills are.  i know i know, i took GMAT and got almost full score, at the 99% percentile even after the essay scores.

If i were a computer, i'd probably be the best seller.

But in the business world, it is NOT just being smart.  A successful business person needs to be 3-D: of course I need to deliver quality work myself, but i also need to be a leader and a business operato...Read more

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A Day with Johnny Depp...

I spent a day with Johny Depp.................... I WISH!

Remember I said that Johnny Depp and Christian Bale were in Chicago for the John Dillinger movie?  WHH and I went to check out the movie set on 5/24 (Sat).  It was very interesting!!

The movie crew turned the entire street into this 1930's appearance.

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Missing Mom

Sorry for not writing again.  I've been busy at work and then spent my weekend with my family and my fav girl Rach.  I'm sure she'll start posting scandalous pics of us on Facebook, so I'm fully prepared to delete those pictures once they come up, to protect my reputation.

The weekend is so short!  I did a lot of shopping (Neiman Marcus, Sephora, A&F, etc.) and talked a lot with mom. 

I miss mom!

We cried just now before I entered security because I just miss...Read more

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It's been some days since i last blogged.  Too busy!  Have been working since Sunday night, and yesterday I worked from 5:30am till 10pm non-stop.  Tired!! Have you noticed that some people always say or imply that they're smart?  They're not the braggers, because the "evidence" which they use to show their "smartness" usually does not make sense.  Every time I see how hard these people try to tell / imply to everyone that they're smart, I simply want to laugh.

...Read more
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One Spring Night's Dream

A few nights ago, I had this dream...

I was in a bright white wedding gown, outside of a church.  There were many female friends and relatives around me and, seemingly, they were all getting me ready for my wedding.  I noticed that I was wearing a pair of black high-heels.  My mom started asking around for a pair of white shoes for me, but oddly no one was wearing white shoes.  My ...Read more

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