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Red Cliff

What the heck? Who dares to put together such... crap using one of the greatest stories in Chinese history? I am very very disappointed... totally unreasonable and ridiculous casting.  What the heck? I feel insulted.  Totally insulted.  And ashamed.

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When I am depressed, i do not want to work.  i cannot focus and my to-do list is so long, so i'm very very lost.

i got onto this project with the promise that i only have to go to client site for 2 or 3 days a week, given the 4-hr commute between home and client site.  However, now i'm asked to go on-site 4 days a week.  Doesn't sound like a lot, but it is a lot!  Some weeks i would go on-site 4 days just because i had to meet with clients intensely.  But when i don't have to meet with them, why?  Just to show our faces to t...Read more

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We took some more photos in the past weekend.. haven't had time to process them yet, but here are the raw ones:

First we went to the shore and took some silly motion pics... yea jumping up and down but really couldn't get a good shot of a synchronized jump!



And then we went to a beach close to where we l...Read more

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July 4th is ALL About FOOD!

Remember i mentioned Taste of Chicago last time?  We went there again this past Thursday (7/3) as we had some tickets remaining from our last visit. 

We visited the Chef's Table for some supposedly great food.  Too bad we went too late (had to wait for WHH to finish work), the ratatouille risotto was already SOLD OUT!  Hence, we had to try the shrimp sandwich with hairloom tomato soup.  Argg... it was okay.

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VTK Pics

Here are the pics from the VTK dinner...

Haven't taken a pic of myself in mirror for soooooo long! 

VTK's twist on the usual cured carrots... tasty!

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WALL-E + Viva La Vida

Did i mention that WHH and i went to see WALL-Elast Saturday?

It was amazing...

Thinking that the kids nowaday have to deal with global warming, the obesity epidemic, human isolation caused by internet, over-marketing / commercialization of everything, overabundance of materials... i'm glad that Pixar / Disney made this movie.

I don't know how to describe it.  It's the best animated movie I've ever seen...yep!  Even better than Ratatuille!  Hard to believe, huh?  It's probably also the be...Read more

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This past Sunday, WHH and I went to take more engagement portraits. 

We kinda decided to go at the last minute, so i cramped to put on make-up and do my hair (hair is always the hardest part!!) and we forgot to bring a lot of the essential equipments (missing the screw for the tripod, no laptop, etc.).  When we got there it was already noon, and it was sooooooooo hot!  You can see from my pics that i was trying very hard to keep my eyes open as the sun was right in my eyes...

With no tripod screw, we could only take horizonta...Read more

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Taste of Chicago

Have any of you heard of Taste of Chicago?  It's a one-week long festival where there are many food stalls and concerts and performances etc.  It seems to be a famous event because the Chicago city is now swarmed by thousands of thousands of tourists just to go to the Taste of Chicago!

Of course WHH and I went, today.  And it was SOOOOOOOOOO hot today and so crowded everywhere!  Even though we had some food there, we decided to leave earlier (skipping even the Morton's steakhouse stall) as i was feeling dehydrated.  Oh wel...Read more

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Alinea Molecular


On Friday, I took the day off...  Actually I had a morning conference call with Netherlands, so I told Fafa and David to go to Merchandise Mart to go window shopping and eat breakfast.  At around noon, we joined again and went to Macy's and walked around the Loop a bit.  We were talking more than sight-seeing, because I was actually very very glad to see how good David is to Fafa and I want them to get married!  I think they should get married!  What's missing is just that 4-karat rock.  haha~

Why 4-karat?  ...Read more

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Frontera Grill with Fafa~

Okay, I decided to just finish all blogs before this weekend, since I have lots more food blogs stocked up and not yet released... Be prepared to feel oh so stuffed!!

Back to Fafa's visit -- so WHH's parents left last Thu and i went to work.  That night i got home earlier to let Fafa and David move in to my place.  i had a conference call from 7-8pm and WHH returned home in time.  We went to the popular Mexican restaurant Frontera Grillfor dinner since David missed Mexican food...  i guess no good Mex food in HK, ...Read more

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Welcome to MY Profile! Can't live without art, and my favorite form of art is the yummiest... food! What's your favorite? ^0^ 生命是無盡的學習: 現在的我要學習找尋自我 C

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