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That Man

When will the temperaturego down?

Yes I am having a fever...

It's burning me, can't stop thinking about...

And he's gonna be in Tokyo 7/28, and i'll be in Tokyo that day too... but i'll have to work!!  i so want to "welc...Read more

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Jap Trip and HK

Thanks for all your wishes~

I was a bit upset that my B-day falls on such a day, with WHH working and my Jap trip starting early tmr morning.  There's no time to celebrate at all.  I have been working super long hours these days... woke up at 5am yesterday for an early morning meeting, and then I had to work and work till 7pm, then had a 4-hour call with Japan till 11pm...  I was so hungry that i started eating around 10pm while I was still talking and working on the call.

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Mom's Visit Day 6~7

To continue, last Sat WHH finally had time to accompany us out.

We planned to take the water taxi "cruise" to the Field Museum, but the weather was bad that day.  It was raining on and off.  We did take the "cruise" but the rain and fog was so heavy that we could barely see the skyline along the shore.

mom25 Mom a...Read more

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Mom's Visit Days 4~5

Day 4 was just mom and her friend wandering around downtown and buying more food.  They made us another delicious dinner with soups....  hehe~Day 5 was Friday.  I had early morning call and work but was still able to stay home.  I invited mom and her friend to our rooftop swimming pool (not actually rooftop, but on the 8th floor outside from the clubhouse).  I forgot to bring with me my goggles, so i had to swim with my eyes shut...    Mom was a great athlete, competing in provincial swimmi...Read more

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Has anyone got the new iPhone 3G?Here we're not likely to want to pay for the 3G plan, so we'll stick to our "old" iPhone...i wish that the camera on the iPhone could be better though!  It is so important!!Btw... do you think Apple will roll out touch-screen laptops soon? Or, i should say, what do you think Apple can do next to "make our lives better"?

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Special Skill - Orange

P.S. - This is Lang Lang.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/oiziGLe1jBw&hl=en&fs=1

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The Dark Knight

Loved it. So intense, so dark, just the way Batman should be. And Joker definitely stole the show. I want more.

Special thanks to WHH's company for their sponsored screening!

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Red Cliff & 3 Countries

I guess i did not explain enough on my last entry on the movie "Red Cliff"... 

i am a "Three-Country" fanatic and hence i reacted very strongly to the movie.  i have read the novel so many times and have also read books / critics / studies about the novel and that part of the history.  i even dreamt of marrying the wise Zhu Ge Leng (if he ever rose from his tomb)...  In this new movie, Mr. Takeshi plays my idol, so you may wonder why i'm not happy... i don't know why!  I totally agree that Mr. ...Read more

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Lights & Clouds

Took our last batch of formal-wear photos... and then we will retire to only beach pics, and start taking street / evening-gown pics!

Yea~  No more running around with a tripod and in formal wear!! weddinga03

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Welcome to MY Profile! Can't live without art, and my favorite form of art is the yummiest... food! What's your favorite? ^0^ 生命是無盡的學習: 現在的我要學習找尋自我 C

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